Now Official: Jose Mijares and Scott Cousins get MiLB Contracts and Invites to Spring Training

Long have we known that Jose Mijares was on his way to Boston, but now, I guess, it’s finally official.

Mijares will get to watch another ring ceremony if he cracks the Opening Day roster, which… would you be excited to watch a ring ceremony if just about everybody but you is receiving a Champions ring? I know just being on a 25-man roster should be good enough, but that’s got to be a little awkward. Speaking of a name that always makes things a little bit awkward:

Cousins will be on his third different major league organization in three seasons, going from the Marlins, to the Angels last year where he appeared in seven games and had five plate appearances for the big league club, and now the Boston Red Sox. Entering his age 29 season, you figure if he’s not doing much now, the chances may not really be there for him later. As cruel as it may be, I know there are plenty of Giants fans (possibly some people in the organization, too) that don’t mind his lack of Major League success. Certainly a name the vast majority of Giants fans will never forget.


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  1. obsessivegiantscompulsive

    Sabean was criticized for it, but I think he spoke for most Giants fans when he said what he said. The former Marlin’s lack of success shows how good he really is, and demonstrates his lack of good judgement when he decided that his best option to score was to blast the catcher, who was not even blocking the plate, and knock the ball out of his mitt, that’s not baseball, that’s football.

    Here’s how embarrassed he should be: twice, TWICE, in 2009, Sandoval scored at home plate in two close plays at the plate. Instead of blasting the catcher, the first time he executed a perfect slide to the right of the plate, head first, and the tag missed him, and he dipped in his left hand to tap the plate and score. It was a thing of beauty to watch. The second time, he was headed straight for the catcher, who was blocking the basepath (Posey was off to the side of the basepath, as another reminder), and Sandoval did some sort of dance step (hard to describe) to avoid the tag and landed on the plate to score. And everyone knows how Sandoval is built. As Gomer would say, “Fer shame, fer shame, fer shame!!!”

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