Apply through Sunday: @SFGiants is Hiring for their Orange and Black Attack Squad

So you have some free time before, during, and after the home games at AT&T Park? Why not apply for the Giants cheerleading and friends-of-the-fans squad:

I’ve never met anybody doing this, so I can’t tell you my experiences with them, but I would it’s cool because you get paid to be at AT&T Park, which normally, you pay them. That’s pretty neat. They links to photos the people do, a job description, and some minimum qualifications. I’ll highlight some for your information:

  • Assist in the execution of Giants special event nights at AT&T Park
  • Serve as Giants ambassadors at street festivals, events and promotions throughout the Bay Area

I interpret that as, “Walk with Willie Mays and Willie McCovey to the field and escort Barry Bonds to his seats near the dugout.” That second bullet point I interpret as, “Be a part of the parade when the Giants win the World Series again.” I mean, that’s got to be pretty excellent.

  • Display an outgoing, energetic and engaging personality

So, not Brandon Crawford‘s Wells Fargo radio commercial.

  • Be comfortable in front of large groups upwards of 42,000

Everybody will be watching you. Everybody. Approximately 84,000 eyeballs at least.

  • Have reliable transportation and live in or close to San Francisco

But living close is probably better because going to San Francisco is a nightmare.

  • Demonstrate good moral character

Jarred Cosart has been ruled out.

  • Knowledge of baseball and the San Francisco Giants is preferred

You could be a fair weather fan and it’s OK!

This gig sounds great, if you have the time and maybe you’re looking at this as a possible customer service or social media internship. It does require a good amount of your time, though. Hopefully, if you are a good Giants fan — guy or gal — you apply and you get it. Best of luck, don’t miss the deadline.


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