Camp Conversations: Pablo Got THE TALK in Late 2013 From Teammates

A year before Pablo Sandoval is potentially set free to earn some big bucks, he shows up to camp looking better than he has in recent years:

Be as snarky as you want about Pablo finally getting serious, but at the very least you have in 2014 a Pablo Sandoval that looks like he is taking this year a little more seriously. In talking about his contract:

The motivating factors behind Pablo’s winter workouts? Four teammates:

Matt Cain, Hunter Pence, Marco Scutaro, and Buster Posey all talked to the hot spot infielder and had their words to say to Pablo as the Giants were winding 2013 down. On the surface, the words look pretty satisfying:

Here’s some of the video from that interview, if you’re interested:

We’ll see how well the intervention went as the season wears on, and Cain talked about how that can be difficult if you get hurt or as you’re traveling the nation playing ball. As for Pablo’s Winter Ball action, more nice news:

I wrote in December about how the Giants need to extend Pablo once they figure out he’s ready to go. He’s under 30, he’s good when not overly plump, and the market is very unattractive going into the 2014 off-season. We’re off to a good start so far. We’ll see how this goes on the diamond, in the cages, and off the field for Pablo.


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