#SFGiants and Belt Have 9AM EST #BeltBash Arbitration Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday

Brandon Belt and the San Francisco Giants could go to an arbitration hearing to decide Belt’s 2014 salary: $2.05 million that the Giants proposed, or the $3.6 million Belt’s team put out. Should the Giants and Belt not agree to a number before the 9 AM EST hearing on Wednesday in Florida, the two sides will say why Belt does/doesn’t deserve the numbers they submitted.

Here are the arguments as to why the Giants will win and Brandon Belt will only get $2.05 million:

  • Belt struck out nearly 22% of the time in ’13, 23.0% from ’11-’13
  • Five stolen bases in 2013 for someone 6’5″?
  • Takes a long time to make adjustments after repeated requests from coaching staff
  • Walk ratio was lower than 10%, the better 1B in the league are putting up at least 10%
  • Hasn’t reached 80 runs, or 80 RBI plateau yet, need more out of a middle of the order guy
  • Mike Trout doesn’t even make $2 million, what are you crying about?!

Some of the arguments Belt’s side could make:

  • .360 OBP in 2013 was Top 10 among MLB 1B, and aside from Allen Craig in 2014, those guys are getting PAID
  • .365 wOBA in ’13 was Top 10 among MLB 1B, as was his 139 wRC+
  • Do his sub-20 seventeen home runs bother you? Well his .351 BABIP (in two straight years no less) is pretty good, and was Top 5 MLB 1B
  • Willingness to play LF and be a team player
  • Did (finally) listen to coaching and did you want to hear about how he kinda killed it in the second half of the season?

From Belt’s side there will probably be a lot more citing of players that put up comparable stats, or inferior numbers to Belt, and really that should do the job if the arbiters are familiar with the numbers. If the committee will be relying on runs batted in, runs, stolen bases, and perhaps home runs, I could see how this might not go Belt’s way. Otherwise, you would imagine that this would be a slam dunk for Belt to get $3.6 million, especially if they start bringing in information on the second half of the 2013 season. For the Giants sake, they should hope they settle on a number before they’re forced to pay $3.6 million. From a roster salary perspective, you should root for the Giants so that their hopefully inevitable multi-year deal with Belt is less costly. You can make your predictions that management will find a number to settle on with Belt, but all I really care about is the multi-year deal that should get done with Brandon — something to buy out his arbitration years and hopefully get some options to eat up a couple free agent years (the most ideal scenario).

Final comments from the beat writers and then I’m out:

Have a great day, everybody!


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