#Rockies Chacin to Undergo Shoulder MRI, #SFGiants Pagan Has Minor Back Pain, #Dodgers Have Intrasquad

Jhoulys Chacin had a fantastic year in 2013. He didn’t hit 200 IP, but he did drop his BB% from 10.2% in 2012 to 7.5% in 2013 in thirty-one games that he started. His K% was up from 2012, but not a career high. Still, his FIP at 3.47 was the best he’s ever had, and the 4.3 fWAR and 5.8 rWAR were career highs in a season. The Rockies need their starting pitchers to hold down the fort, especially if their starting position players keep getting injured. That necessity of everybody staying healthy is not having a good start in Rockies camp:

That doesn’t sound good at all. Hopefully it will be nothing and Chacin can get back on track — nobody likes to see somebody injured.

In another part of Scottsdale, Angel Pagan wasn’t out on the field because his back locked up in a meeting:

Games haven’t even started and Angel Pagan’s back is acting up, and of course, moves now are precautionary because we aren’t even in March yet. Good news on Marco Scutaro doing work, as well. You’ll remember he had that mallet finger in 2013 and played through it.

Tyler Colvin, who has a minor league contract, hopefully is healthy and provide some competition for the outfield bench. I would really like to see more competition for the infield bench, but hey, I can’t have everything. As lazy as this analysis might be, if Colvin’s healthy, he will probably be of some use to the Giants, and may even be able to be the 5th outfielder, with Gregor Blanco being the 4th. Out of Dodgers camp, they had their intrasquad game today, and so everything you would expect today happened, like:


Juan Uribe not getting a triple is shocking.

Juan Uribe striking out is shocking. 

Chris Perez getting the save is something blog trolls are waiting to take advantage of.

That looks like that’s what’s going on in the NL West on Sunday. The Giants will begin their games against other teams on Wednesday.


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