This Week in #SFGiants Spring Training Lineups

The first week of Spring Training is about to have come and gone, with the Giants getting ready for their 12:05 PM PST game against the Diamondbacks. The Giants have had the chance to throw out five lineups this week, despite getting the chance to only play four because of whatever was going on in Mesa on Saturday. With Marco Scutaro not 100%, the lineups for this week haven’t looked the way they would had everybody be good to go. Nevertheless, for your reference, here are this week’s lineups:

Wednesday’s vs. A’s:

Friday’s vs. the Brewers:  

Friday’s vs. the Athletics:

Saturday’s vs. the Cubs (rainout)

Sunday’s vs. the Diamondbacks:

What can you gather from these lineups? Not a whole lot, really. Buster Posey has been the choice over Brandon Belt for the 3 spot, with perhaps Hunter PencePablo SandovalMichael Morse being the backup. Belt being in the 2 spot is a welcome sight for me, but if the pattern holds would not be welcome for fantasy baseball managers looking for RBI production out of their 1B. I also believe I remember hearing Brandon Crawford would be getting ABs there, and we haven’t seen a lot of that yet when all the starters are there. This early in the game though, I’m trying to stay level-headed and remind myself it’s only March 2nd. The only person injured is Marco Scutaro. Not to sound too pessimistic, but there’s still time for injuries to happen, and on the flip-side, there is still time for players to look really good, and for the Giants to make a move if they really needed to.

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