Videos — Dads Ditching Kids for Baseballs: Probably Me Some Day

My wife says this will be me some day: a ball comes into the vicinity and I drop my kid for a $15 baseball. It’s ridiculous, illogical, and so, it makes us laugh so very hard when it’s not us. This will be me someday. After Chris Young‘s ground-rule double into the RCF grassy area, we were treated to this gem:

The legendary (and tiny) GIF of the best moment when the dad realizes what he’s done:

So great. This next one is probably my favorite. From a baseball game in Taiwan:

I mean…

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 7.02.37 PM

Nnnnno thanks.

This one’s pretty good, too. From a Marlins-Dodgers game:

Dad gets out of it by tickling his daughter? That daughter should have asked for an autographed baseball because dropping her is just… woo boy.

So let this be a lesson for you parents, because men aren’t the only ones that will fall victim to this. We’re just a heckuvalot more likely to do it. Duct tape your kids to you when you’re at a baseball game. Otherwise you will suffer the wrath of your partner, and it will involve much sadness. But as long as your kid’s OK, the public will be more than happy to laugh at you.


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