Matt Cain to the DL Retroactive to April 25th, Dunning Called Up, Petit to Start on Monday

The title says it all in terms of roster moves, and so does the initial tweet from beat writer Andrew Baggarly:

Update: DL can only be retroactive for ten days, as beat writer Hank Schulman notes, so the DL move would be beginning April 25th:

Well, maybe not everything. The part about Yusmeiro Petit taking the spot start for Matt Cain wasn’t in there as the Giants begin a three-game set against Pittsburgh starting Monday. You’ll remember that before his start, Matt Cain cut his finger making a sandwich. At the moment it is speculated that the cut hasn’t healed enough, though beat reporter Hank Schulman heard Cain expected himself to pitch on Monday. Jake Dunning, whom Giants fans should have some memory of, has thrown 14.1 IP in Triple-A Fresno this season, notching eleven strikeouts with seven walks and a .163 batting average against.

Here’s a video review of Petit’s last spot start against San Diego when the Padres didn’t seem to be ready for him, maybe the ol’ pitcher-switch got ’em good. Or maybe they just had a bad night. Or maybe the Padres have a .266 team wOBA (ranked last in MLB) after their game on Sunday for a reason.

The Pirates have a .304 team wOBA (just eleven points lower than the Giants), so you would guess that the Pirates would put up more of a challenge. Once 4:05 p.m. PST rolls around, we’ll see. Cain would be eligible to come off of the DL in time for his next scheduled start. Might not be a good idea to get comfortable, Jake Dunning. Not while most of the people in the bullpen are doing just fine.


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