Don’t Like Bat Flips? Here’s Some Tips On How to Avoid Them!

Hi! You’ve clicked this link because you believe there are some unwritten rules about baseball, which, while is your right to believe it, is a little ridiculous. So, for those of you that stayed and didn’t feel insulted after that first sentence, you may be wondering after watching Yasiel Puig bat flip off of Madison Bumgarner (who did sort of bat flip off of Jorge De La Rosa) how you can rid the game of baseball from those evil bat flips. You’ve come to the right place, even though I love and endorse bat flips.  Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Execute your pitches better
  2. Adjust your scouting report or improve your scouting team
  3. Intentionally walk the batter
  4. Go to Japan and tell them to stop

5. Go to Korea and tell them to stop

6. Stop reacting like a sore loser to a bat flip. You’re just going to encourage other people to do it to you.

That, friends completes my tips on how to avoid bat flips. I hope I have changed your mind about bat flips. Also notice nowhere in there did I say to retaliate against a hitter. That’s because it’s only going to create more anger and could get somebody hurt really bad. Even professionals mess up when trying to do something intentional!


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