Injuries: Jose Fernandez Done for the Year, Brandon Belt May Be Out Eight Weeks

This could be the saddest day of the month for the sport of baseball as they’ve found out one of their superstars is probably done for the 2014 season in Jose Fernandez:

Horribly awful news. Here are some categories Jose Fernandez was leading the league in for pitchers that had a qualified number of innings:

  • K/9 (12.19)
  • K% (34.2%
  • FIP (2.14, 2nd)
  • tERA (2.14)
  • SIERA (2.20)
  • fWAR (1.6, 3rd overall, 1st in NL)

Advanced metrics love him, but unfortunately, Fernandez’s right elbow hates him. Another young star goes heads to the doctor’s office for Tommy John surgery.

Jayson Stark also had a long article that came out a little over a week ago on the possible Tommy John epidemic. It was an interesting read, and when you have some time, I recommend you take a look at it. As Ken Rosenthal noted on MLB Network, Jose Fernandez will be 23 when he returns to the bigs, which is the only silver lining in all this.

Changing the subject to the Giants, beat writer Alex Pavlolic spread some news on Brandon Belt:

Reading Andrew Baggarly yesterday also, the six week timeframe seems to be bordering on naive for the time being. That could put Belt back on the lineup card near the end of the first week of July. The All Star Game won’t be until the third week, so hopefully he will be playing again in the bigs by then.









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