Quick Pre-Game: #SFGiants Look to Continue Winning Ways Against #Braves in 2014

I didn’t see the last seven outs to Monday night’s 4-2 victory by the San Francisco Giants, but seeing the results made me happy. Quick pre-game so you guys have time to read this and still can get all your game-time snacks ready for your Tuesday night viewing pleasure. Ryan Vogelsong takes the mound tonight as #8 hitter in the Braves lineup and LHP Mike Minor goes for the Bravos. The lineups for the two teams goes as follows:

 That’s right, Hector Sanchez is playing first base tonight. Laugh if you want, which I assume is what you are doing, or you’re getting your GIF machine cranked up and ready to rumble, but how bad could he be?

That’s not to say Hector will be Brandon Belt over at 1B, but hopefully he’ll be able to do a competent job, since as the beat writers have noted, Buster Posey is the superior catcher to Hector. Some thoughts from manager Bruce Bochy on Hector:

Speaking of catchers, it’s important not to get too far ahead of ourselves, even if we’re a little bit excited about the Giants having some exceptional depth at catcher:

Something I really do feel bad about, is games played in the Pacific Time Zone have to be brutal for fans three zone to the East. I hope that gets changed some day to accommodate those fans, even if they have more teams over there than on the better side of the states.

 You’ve likely heard by now Brandon Belt has had surgery and he has…

We still haven’t heard a solid date as to when he’ll be back yet, Giants still holding on to that six-week timetable, and the fans are hoping so, too.

It’s about half-hour until game-time, so go Giants, beat the Braves.


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