Baseball America 2.0 Mock,’s First Mock has #SFGiants Picking RHP Grant Holmes

I wondered what I had gotten myself into when I started reporting on the picks mock drafts had made and not one, but two sites published a mock draft Friday morning: Baseball America posted their version 2.0, while posted their first mock draft. While Baseball America’s first mock draft had the Giants picking Vanderbilt RHP Tyler Beede, he went earlier off the board in 2.0 and BA had the Giants picking RHP Grant Holmes. Jonathan Mayo’s article for with their first mock draft also had the Giants picking Grant Holmes, the pitcher out of South Carolina. In case you missed it, I compiled some quotes and videos from around the internet to give you an idea about who Grant Holmes from South Carolina is.

For those that have frequented mock drafts, you know this may mean something, or it (probably) means a whole lot of nothing. In 2013’s mock drafts, the Giants were chosen to pick RHP Matt Krook, who would eventually not sign with the Miami Marlins (with the 35th pick, no less) and commit to Oregon. With the 20th pick in the 2012 Draft, casual fans (and mock drafters, it seemed) did not expect the likes of Michael Wacha and Chris Stratton to fall to the 19th and 20th pick, respectively, so the Giants wound up with a pitching prospect we didn’t expect to see there. In 2011, Joe Panik was chosen and was never seen on the mock drafts, and Baseball America had three different picks for the Giants in their four mock drafts. You can see the database of mock drafts for BA here.

We’ll look forward to more mocks because they get the imagination going on which arm or bat is coming to help strengthen the farm system, but don’t be surprised if the mocks for the Giants don’t match the picks.


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