Sunday Pre-Game: #Marlins Continue to be Annoying, #SFGiants Try to Tie Series Behind Vogey

The Miami Marlins came into AT&T Park with a 4-15 road record, so it stands to reason that they are one game away from winning the four-game series. Sunday Funday brings former Detroit Tigers prospect Jacob Turner to the mound to face off against Ryan Vogelsong. Turner (4) has had half the starts Vogey has had (8), so all three of Turner’s bad starts for the Marlins are blowing up his numbers to the point where fans are probably expecting some sort of a 18-7 game in favor of the Giants. The #5 starter has been getting lit up by RHH thus far, facing fifty-five batters, with a .415/.436/.660 line and a .476 wOBA against. “Is that good,” you may be asking, and I can confirm that no, it is not. Turner’s game-high in strikeouts so far is four, so don’t look for a lot of throws around the bases, and walks have actually been kept relatively low, averaging less than two a start. Interesting to note that Turner has only gone against NL West teams in his four starts: two vs. the Dodgers, one vs. the Padres, and his season-opening start against the Rockies. Here’s how Turner’s pitches have been faring thus far, courtesy of Brooks Baseball:

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.03.41 AM

Relying a lot on his fastball, I would expect his fastball control hasn’t been solid this year, whereas his sinker has enough movement to have saved him from the long ball so far. His off-speed pitches have been getting knocked around as well, but only for two extra base hits thus far.

Ryan Vogelsong may not have had the best April, prompting a lot of noise on social media to announce how done he was, but his last four starts he has lasted at least six innings, with his most recent start probably falling victim to a lack of focus after his defense was consistently letting him down for an inning. His three May starts have him at a .272 wOBA against, while the first month’s wOBA against was .399. He’s also been able to help out the bullpen, going only 23.1 IP in April, while already going 19.1 IP in May. This season, Vogey has posted a 24% K% against RHH, which isn’t too bad (10.8% K% against LHH). For the season, the man who eats enchiladas has seen his pitches fare as such:

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 10.06.35 AM

Those numbers against the changeup are ridiculous, and you would expect those values to go down. Cutter’s numbers not great either, but otherwise decent for the #5 guy that Vogelsong is. Garrett Jones and Giancarlo Stanton have double-digit plate appearances against the Marlins, so they might be able to share their wisdom on their relatively short experience against facing Vogelsong.

The lineups for today look like this for the Marlins (with no Giancarlo Stanton!), looking to take a series on the road:

For the Giants, Angel Pagan is out, and Gregor Blanco is in:

First pitch is scheduled for 1:05 PM PST. The Giants will have a day off on Monday as they being a three-game road trip in Denver to face the second-place Rockies.


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