More Looks at the MLBAM Player Tracking System via and I’m So Excited

MLB Network’s Brian Kenny, Jim Duquette, John Smoltz, and Ken Rosenthal took a three-and-a-half minute look at the MLB Advanced Media player tracking system that is already being tested in Miller Park, Target Field, and Citi Field. I cannot wait until this gets put into full effect at all thirty yards and we get an even better understanding of many of the subtleties of the game.

Early on, some of the crowd against this argued that the numbers were too much, that they didn’t need to know this, or it was too much on the screen at one time. In an age of people wanting to know everything and anything they can get their hands on, I have a hard time seeing that crowd against all the numbers getting their way. Some of the specifics I am especially excited to see include: distance a runner or fielder is from a base, a catcher’s pop time and velocity on their throws, route efficiency, and the batted ball’s speed off the bat. What are you most excited about?




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