Injury, Rehab, and other news: Belt, Pagan, Law updates, today’s lineups

The Giants continue their tailspin of losses, 4-13 in their last seventeen games, with the hopes of the team in the form of Angel Pagan and Brandon Belt looking to emerge next week. Belt had a couple rehab games in San Jose, even getting hit-by-pitches in both of those games, but nothing aggravating the injury to the digit that put him on the DL. Now, Belt moves on to Fresno, where they’ll be celebrating Tim Lincecum bobblehead day. This was a planned promotion that just happened to line up nicely with his no-hitter.

Meanwhile, in Angel Pagan news:      

The Giants could very well be out of first place by that time, but the return of Pagan and Belt could be a huge boost to their lineup, even if Gregor Blanco hasn’t been great, there has been much less margin for error from the other players.

In prospect news, Derek Law had surgery:

Going to guess this is related to that forearm soreness he was experiencing earlier this month.

Matt Cain and Alfredo Simon engage tonight, a game that can be seen on MLB Network if you’re not in either of those locales. The Giants have lost the first two games in this series and should they not get on the right track, they will likely only be up one game on the Dodgers going into Sunday. As I type this, the Dodgers are leading the Cardinals by six runs with Zack Greinke on the mound. Here’s the Reds lineup for tonight:     

Hector Sanchez gets the start tonight and Buster Posey will start tomorrow’s game, a day-game. Manager Bruce Bochy has decided he would rather have Posey catching tomorrow than today, while giving Duvall some playing time while he’s up. Who knows how much longer he’ll be on the 25-man.

First pitch is at 7:15PM PST. I think I’m exhausted from that Chile-Brasil game.


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