Astros leaked trade notes on Deadspin: Giants willing to trade Clayton Blackburn in Bud Norris deal; hold on to Belt in off-season

Fans of any sport like to imagine what it would be like in a front office where they live and breathe a particular sport. Thanks to some hacker(s), some of that information has been leaked and posted to Deadspin. As you can imagine, when you have ten months-worth of trade notes for the world to see, you’re getting a great look inside the dialogue and way of thinking from not just one, but several front offices, including the San Francisco Giants. Last summer, the Giants were connected to the Astros in rumors for Bud Norris, whom was eventually traded for Josh Hader, L.J. Hoes, and a draft pick. As you will read, this is not exactly at the level of return the Astros were trying to get for Bud Norris.

The following notes are the Giants highlights from the article:


[Giants assistant GM] Bobby Evans called [Houston AGM David Stearns] to check in on Bud Norris. DS told BE that it’s probably a little early for us to consider dealign Norris but are always willing to listen. DS said that when we do trade Norris we will likely be looking for quality over quantity.


SF indicated to [Astros GM Jeff Luhnow] that they would do Clayton Blackburn (2014 #8 SF prospect according to plus another piece but couldn’t include Kyle Crick (2014 #1 SF prospect according to

SF said they could not do Blackburn and Crick but that they would like to keep talking and keep in touch on Norris.


[Luhnow] offered Norris for Blackburn, (2014 #3 SF prospect according to Adalberto Mejia, and (2014 #19 SF prospect according to Keury Mella. SF said no.


SF said they still had interest in Norris. [Luhnow] said they would have to include both Blackburn and Mejia to be competitive.

SF said they wouldn’t include Mejia on top of Blackburn.

In the off-season, the Giants signed Tim Hudson on November 18th, and Ryan Vogelsong on December 4th. Still, Lucas Harrell was being discussed, and for some reason Brandon Belt is a footnote in this conversation.


SF reiterated interest in Lucas Harrell to [Luhnow]. Also said they would not discuss Belt.

Some other highlights were the Dodgers being okay with including Carl Crawford in a deal, the Marlins willing to consider trading Giancarlo Stanton, and Luhnow asking for Lucas Giolito in exchange for Lucas Harrell. It’s quite a read, and I recommend you take a look.


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