Fourth of July lineups: Belt’s back, Pagan’s back will keep him through All Star break

Brandon Belt is back, baby. Angel Pagan, meanwhile, will not be back at the earliest until April 18th, when the Giants return to action from the All Star break. Hunter Pence will probably take care of leadoff duties unless someone like Gregor Blanco or Juan Perez gets hot, and so Belt will likely occupy that two-spot for a while as well. Joaquin Arias gets the start at 2B since it’s been a while.

Looks like most of the regulars will be going for the Padres, including 2010 NLDS MVP Brooks Conrad making an appearance: 

We’re less than twenty minutes away from first pitch, so this post will be quick. The Giants are in second place now, and they cannot worry about what the Dodgers are doing even as they’ve fallen so far, so fast. Giants and their fans know that this team has their own house to clean up before anybody starts worrying about making some trades at the deadline to boost what they have.


One comment

  1. drd

    I’ll bet anyone, any amount of $$$ we never see Pagan back during 2014 season…. the Giants will ‘battle’ Arizona for last place before the season is over…..

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