Monday roster moves: Cain and Belt to the DL, welcome back Kontos and Duvall

We knew yesterday that Brandon Belt was going to go on the DL with a concussion, but we didn’t know for how long. We had also heard Matt Cain was feeling some discomfort in his elbow from the elbow chips floating around. The Giants account decided to give us all a hearty good morning with some injury announcements. First, answering the question of how long Belt’s DL stay could be:

The important question with Matt Cain is “when will he be back,” and the answer appears to be, “when the Giants finish their series against the Dodgers.”   

There have been no indications that Cain will look to remove the bone chips in-season, so this will probably be a lingering problem for the rest of the season for him.

George Kontos was incorrectly included on the lineup card yesterday, but now he can walk out the door with those bags and head on over to Philly.

Yusmeiro Petit will go against Roberto Hernandez in what is scheduled to be the most underwhelming matchup of pitchers in the four-game series between the Giants and Phillies. Therefore, both pitchers will probably go eight innings before both bullpens implode.    

Petit’s last outing was July 18th when he threw one inning, second to last outing on July 10th. Hopefully by the beginning of August everybody will be back.

The first three games of this series are scheduled to begin at 4:05PM PST, while Thursday’s game is set for a 10:05 AM PST first pitch.



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