Tuesday’s pre-game and day in review: Krukow, Headley in Pinstripes, a Bartolo Colon trade rumor surfaces, Pagan swinging off a tee

A busy day no doubt for fans in the NL West. First, there’s the article on Mike Krukow that came out this morning talking about his struggle with IBM, or inclusion-body myosotis. I summed it up and provided a link to the original article in the post. Chase Headley got traded to the New York Yankees today and Keith Law talks about the return the Padres got, which may not be much. “A missed opportunity,” to be sure, as I remember there being talk about whether the Padres should sell high on Headley, and instead are left with Yangervis Solarte and a low-minors reliever that does have some potential to make the bigs in Rafael de Paula. Also within the NL West, Troy Tulowitzki has hit the DL once again, the All-Star’s body just does not want to cooperate. Before we get into the lineups, there was also a rumor that surfaced today that mentioned the Giants having interest in Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon. The Giants are wary to take on money for 2015 with a heavy payroll already, so it’s no surprise the Giants would want the Mets to help off-set costs, and an additional non-shocker that the Mets aren’t keen on that. However, with Matt Cain out for an unknown amount of time, it should not be any surprise to hear the Giants name mentioned with any pitcher on the trade block. They will kick all tires, as any capable front office would do.

With Matt Cain out, Yusmeiro Petit is in, but one of yesterday’s heroes, Adam Duvall, is not. Hector Sanchez will be catching today to give Buster Posey some time off from squatting and foul tips, so Duvall gets a rest.

Roberto Hernandez opposes Petit tonight and Ben Revere gets leadoff duties tonight, moving Grady Sizemore to left and Dominic Brown gets a night off.      

Philadelphia’s ballyard can play large, so Petit’s low ground-ball percentage may play alright tonight. Keeping the K/9 above nine and BB/9 below two would also be advised. Hernandez has a FIP in the high-4’s and a BB/9 over four, so that seems promising for the Giants, who were very aggressive early on against Cliff Lee on Monday. It is not beyond Hernandez to keep the hits allowed low, though, as he has allowed three hits in each of four of his last six outings. Only note from the beat writers to note is that on Angel Pagan:

First pitch, like Monday, and like tomorrow, is scheduled for 4:05PM PST. The Dodgers will continue their series in Pittsburgh and hopefully the Pirates will be a little more helpful today.


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