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Draft deadline passes as Giants get twenty-three picks, but biggest news is about the Astros

Friday at 2:00 PM PST, the deadline to sign players in the Rule IV player draft passed, and the Giants ended up signing twenty-three of their forty draft picks, including their first fourteen picks. The Giants also reportedly signed four additional undrafted players. The haul in quantity is not as good as in 2013, when the Giants signed thirty-three of their picks, but we will see what the quality of this crop ends up being, some of them have already been getting going in the lower levels of the Giants system. The Giants went over their budget, but will not be penalized in the form of draft picks being taken away from them.

The biggest news for me came out of Houston, as the Astros were unable to sign first overall pick of the draft, LHP high schooler Brady Aiken. As Jim Callis’ notes, the Astros were poised to give Aiken $6.5 million until his physical revealed some trouble in his elbow and the Astros then changed their offer to Aiken of the minimum of just above $3.1 million. Aiken and his team did not accept, and now the Astros are guaranteed to have the second overall pick in the 2015 Draft. Callis reminds the public that their fifth round pick Jacob Nix was waiting for Aiken to sign so Nix could get a seven-figure deal, but that number they agreed on would only work if Aiken signed, otherwise the Astros would lose future draft picks if Nix signed that large deal without Aiken putting the pen to the paper. Both Nix and Aiken are UCLA commits, so the Bruins figure to be big winners, loading up their rotation with two pretty good arms. I have no idea how the Astros wind up in all this, but the MLBPA is looking into making them pay.

We’ve known that Tony Clark and the MLBPA have had their eye on the Houston Astros, and in Callis’ piece Clark goes on to talk about “exploring all legal options” as it relates to the Astros not signing Aiken and possibly try to cheat the system so they can sign other picks. This wouldn’t be a problem if there were not spending caps, but I find it hard to see we’ll ever go back to those days, since it benefits both the owners and the current members of the MLBPA. The Astros say they kept MLB abreast of the situation with Aiken as they were going through the negotiation process, and I’m wondering if the MLBPA won a suit against the Astros, what would the penalty be? Money? A draft pick? It’s too bad this situation has come about, and I know the MLBPA won’t look itself in the mirror on this one, although this should spur conversations as to how these matters can be prevented in the future. Suggestions include an MLB Combine, which I’m sure would be great viewing for scouting fans and teams would get another free look at players.

Callis also mentions that as long as prep players like Aiken and Nix go to UCLA, they will not be eligible for the next two Drafts. Should they play in independent ball or community college, they could enter the next draft. So until then, UCLA is stacked, and we wait to hear if the MLBPA will do anything against the Houston Astros.


While you were asleep: Giants reach agreement with first round pick Tyler Beede (@tylerbeede11)

The article on the Giants web page says it was published a little after 11:00 PM PST Monday night, and draft pick Tyler Beede tweeted  a “God is good! #Blessed” tweet around 8:42 PM PST, so it seems pretty reliable that the Giants and College World Series winner Tyler Beede have indeed reached an agreement to a deal. The deal is reportedly worth $2.65 million, which is just above the $2.61 million draft slot, so if the Giants signed the rest of their draft picks to the allotted slots, they would only have to pay a tax for going over.

The Giants have thirteen picks signed, and now five of their top ten at least agreeing to a deal, both are league lows as the rest of the Giants draft picks that look to play professionally next year have been waiting for Beede to sign so they know what they can request. As Beede has thrown more than 100 innings this year with Vanderbilt, it will be interesting to see if they shut Beede down for the remainder of the season, or let him throw some innings for the team in Arizona with the rookie league team or Salem-Keizer with their low-A squad, and where 2013 first round pick Christian Arroyo is playing.

For more quotes and scouting on Beede, I wrote up something and put together some thoughts on Beede from the scouting industry for you to look at. July 18th is the deadline for players that were picked to sign to the team that drafted them.

#SFGiants Day Three picks: Twitter handles, scouting notes, what’s next

The picks get done quick and all the hard work from the last pick of the 2013 pick until now comes together. For information on the picks from Day One and Day Two, go ahead and click on those links. Day Three’s activity began at 10:00 a.m. PST and then a quarter day’s worth of work was put in by all. A lot of these picks will not be known on the Top lists, so the notes I’m able to find on these young men will range from nothing to a little more than nothing. Some picks do show up, so we are given some scouting information on them. Here’s Day Three:

Round 11: RHP Greg Brody, Belmont University, Sr.

Round 12: SS Jemeson Henning, Western Illinois University, Jr. (@JHENNING13)

Round 13: CF Luis Lacen, Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (Puerto Rico), High School (@Luis13Lacen)

Round 14: 2B Kevin Rivera, Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy (Puerto Rico), High School

Notes: A switch hitter! Also interesting that there are two straight picks from the Carlos Beltran Baseball Academy. Make all your Zack Wheeler jokes here.

Round 15: RHP Benton Moss, University of North Carolina, Jr. (#365 on Baseball America)

From BA: “Moss was regarded as a premium talent out of high school but was not drafted because he was strongly committed to North Carolina on a full academic scholarship…His fastball sits 88-92 mph, touching 94 with downhill plane, though it can be flat. His curveball flashes above-average but is inconsistent. He typically uses his changeup only against lefthanded hitters but it shows average potential, and he has worked in a slider as well. Moss has more control than command and scouts say he doesn’t throw enough strikes for his stuff to profile in the rotation. He has walked three hitters per nine for his career against 8.7 strikeouts per nine, though his strikeout rate dropped to 7.3 this season.”

Round 16: RHP Kevin Ginkel, Southwestern College (California), 2nd year of JC (@TheKevinGinkel)

Round 17: LHP Caleb Smith, USC Aiken (South Carolina), Jr. (#426 on Baseball America)

Round 18: RHP Edrick Agosto, International Baseball Academy (Puerto Rico), High School

Round 19: CF Richard Amion, Alabama State University, Jr.

Round 20: CF Bret Underwood, Northwestern State (Louisiana), Jr. (@Bret_U)

Round 21: LHP Matt Crownover, Clemson, Soph. (@44crown)

Round 22: LHP Mark Reyes, Crowder College (Missouri), 3rd year of JC

Round 23: RHP Jordan Johnson, Cal State Northridge, Jr.

Round 24: RHP Michael Petersen, Riverside Community College, 2nd year of JC

Round 25: RF Byron Murray, Trinity Christian Academy, High School (@byronmurray8)

Round 26: 3B Hunter Cole, University of Georgia, Jr. (@hcole6, #241 on Baseball America, #148 on

From “Cole has good bat speed, and when he’s timed up, he produces lots of hard contact. But his swing has a tendency to get long, and there will likely always be some swing-and-miss in his game. Cole was an outfielder before moving to third base this season. He has handled the position switch better than expected, and he could get a chance to stay at third as a professional. If he returns to the outfield, he profiles best in a corner and can play center in a pinch.”

From Baseball America: “Cole has transitioned to third base this season after playing the outfield, and some scouts think he could fill a utility role in pro ball or return to the outfield. While his arm gets average to above-average grades from the outfield, it has played closer to fringe-average to average in the infield. He is a below-average runner who is better under way. He has plus raw power, but his lack of power production adds to questions about his profile. He has average bat speed and some stiffness to his swing.”

Round 27: RHP Connor Kaden, Wake Forest University, Jr. (@ConnorKaden)

Round 28: LHP Nick Sabo, Long Beach State, Jr. (@nicksabo619)

Round 29: RHP Ryan Cruz, College of the Canyons, 3rd year of JC

Round 30: LHP Cov Covington, University of West Florida, Sr.

Round 31: RHP Nick Nelson, Rutherford HS (Florida), High School

Round 32: LHP Hunter Williams, Cosby HS (Virginia), High School

Notes: Local article talked about Hunter Williams and Derek Casey (drafted #675 by the Cardinals) from the area that expected to be drafted. Article said Williams and his family were still working on a dollar amount to pull him away from his UVA commitment. The piece noted he has a low-90’s fastball that tops out at 95, and has a “hard slider.”

Round 33: C Deac Deacon, Cal State Fullerton, Sr.

Round 34: C Timothy Susnara, St. Francis HS (California), High School (@TSusnara)

Notes: Susnara is an Oregon commit

Round 35: RHP Mitch Hart, Granite Bay HS (California), High School (@MitchHart96, #222 on Baseball America, #100 on ESPN)

From Baseball America: “Hart lacks a present plus pitch to get scouts too excited. He sits in the 89-90 mph range, popping some 92s along the way, and has shown the ability to throw strikes with a solid-average changeup. If it all comes together, both pitches could project to above-average down the road.”

From ESPN: Currently an average fastball and changeup with a slightly above average feel for pitching. Looks like in the future, ESPN expects he can have three average-above average pitches with plus command.

From “Hart is the type of tall, projectable pitcher scouts always love. His fastball will sit around 90 mph, but he has a very loose and quick arm and should be able to add velocity as he physically matures. Hart also has good, tight rotation on his curveball and fade to his changeup. Both pitches have the chance to be at least average in the future.”

Notes: Hart is a USC commit

Round 36: C Zach Taylor, Horizon HS (Arizona), High School

Round 37: SS Garrett Christman, Noblesville HS (Indiana), High School (@G_Christman22)

Notes: Christman is a Butler University commit

Round 38: C Benito Santiago, Coral Springs Christian Academy, High School (@Ivanslugger#382 on Baseball America)

From BA: “The son of the longtime big leaguer, Santiago has a strong, compact build at 5-foot-9, 166 pounds with athleticism. He has above-average pure arm strength behind the plate while showing blocking ability and leadership traits. Developing his receiving skills will be the key to remaining behind the plate. Santiago is athletic for the position and has below-average speed out of the box, though he’s better under way.”

From “Santiago’s bat isn’t as advanced as his glove. He has an inside-out swing and barrels up balls well. Santiago’s approach lends itself more to hitting line drives than driving the ball. He earns praise for his leadership and understanding of the game.”

Notes: Santiago Jr., 19, is a Tennessee commit

Round 39: RHP Joe Ryan, Sir Francis Drake HS (California), High School

Round 40: SS Riles Mahan, Moeller HS (Ohio), High School

What’s next: The Giants try to sign these players, and especially talk the community college transfers and high school players out of their commitments to the school they planned on transferring to. The collegiate juniors could have some leverage in wanting to go back to school for another year, but the college seniors have some poor leverage, as they’re either going pro or graduating and stepping into the real world. The deadline to sign draft picks falls on July 18th. Here are the overall signing bonus pools for every team, and here is the pick-by-pick budget for the first ten rounds.

The #SFGiants Day Two Draft Picks (Video, Twitter Handles, Rankings, Reports/Quotes)

The San Francisco Giants had eight picks on Friday, getting rounds three through ten done today. You can read about their Day One picks here. Earlier this morning, I’ve also written about some of the past round three through ten picks of the past that I invite you to check out. In total, the Giants drafted two high school players, eight collegiate players. Five pitchers, five position players including three outfielders, two players that could profile at the catcher position. All but tenth rounder Mathew Gage bat right. Each high school player taken has been a pitcher.

Round 3: OF Dylan Davis, Oregon State (@Dylan_Davis10, #93 Baseball America, #74, #77 ESPN)

From BA: “The 6-foot, 215-pounder would be a reliever on the mound and has a chance to be an everyday player in the Josh Willingham mold as a hitter, with right-field arm strength. He needs polish defensively and has limited range due to his below-average speed.”

From ESPN: “While Michael Conforto has gotten the most attention at Oregon State, Davis is the better overall prospect with plus power to all parts of the field and a chance to pitch as a power bullpen arm as well. Patience has been an issue for him, but he’s got good feel for hitting and there isn’t a lot of swing and miss in his game. He’s a good athlete with above-average speed, and should be able to handle right field at the professional level.”

Round 4: RHP Logan Webb, Rocklin HS (California) (@QB1_Webb10, #214 Baseball America, has a commit to Cal Poly)

From BA: “Webb’s fastball at times sat in the 94-96 mph range this spring, but he shouldered some heavy workloads, including a 145-pitch start followed by a relief outing three days later where he rarely got out of the 80s. Northern California’s popup prospect, Webb’s velocity and athleticism could push him as high as the third round if teams believe he is signable.”

Round 5: RHP Sam Coonrod, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (@SamCoonrod, #136 Baseball America, #103

From BA: “He has arm strength and arm speed, giving him one of the best fastballs in the college class, sitting in the 93-97 mph range at his best and around 92-93 for most of the spring. Coonrod shows some feel for his changeup, while his hard slider is less consistent. He has effort in his delivery and tends to overthrow, which gives him below-average command, and many scouts consider him a future reliever.”

Round 6: C/1B Skyler Ewing, Rice University (@skyler_ewing, #168 Baseball America, #195

From BA: “He caught four games early in the 2013 season before shifting to first base, where he’s an adequate defender, and had seven games behind the plate this spring. He did catch with some regularity in the Cape Cod League last season and showed average arm strength, but his receiving would need a lot of work. Rice plays him more at first because it leans more on his bat.”

Round 7: CF Seth Harrison, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Notes: Wasn’t ranked on any of the lists I’ve been referring to. He’s a college senior and could be a draftee that the Giants can get for a cheaper sign with the lack of leverage on his side.

Round 8: OF Austin Slater, Stanford University (#139 Baseball America, #84 ESPN) From BA: “Slater has intriguing size and athleticism at 6-foot-2, 205 pounds with above-average speed. He played third base in summer ball the last two years in the New England and Cape Cod leagues, and could move back to the infield in pro ball, with his solid-average arm strength making third base or perhaps second base options. Slater’s swing has some stiffness to it, but he stays inside the ball well and shows power to the gaps. It may not be enough power for a corner profile, however.” From “At the plate, he makes consistent hard contact and has good power to the gaps, though he sometimes gets himself into trouble by selling out for power. In the outfield, he gets good jumps and has a solid arm.” Jim Callis said during the Draft show he wouldn’t be surprised to see Slater move to 3B in the end. From ESPN: “The biggest question for Slater is just where he’ll play as a professional. He doesn’t have the speed to play center field, but the bat may not profile well enough to play a corner outfield spot. He’d profile best as an infielder, and a team could give him a try at second base where he has enough quickness and a solid average arm. The ceiling is an everyday second baseman with above-average power, with his floor being a utility player who can play the corner outfield spots and center field in a pinch.”

Round 9: RHP Stetson Woods, Liberty HS (@TheRealStetson) Jim Callis, “6’8″, so he’s very hard to miss. Very interesting potential, still very raw.” Jonathan Mayo, “Should he go on to the pro game, or to Fresno State where he’s committed?”

Round 10: LHP Mathew Gage, Siena College

Jim Callis, “Mat Gage says an opposing coach was very impressed by the life on his fastball and breaking ball”

Day Three continues tomorrow at 10:00AM PST with rounds eleven through forty having those picks being done. You may start to see some gambles on the higher ranked players as after the first ten rounds all picks have the same designated signing bonus as opposed to there being a sum for the first ten rounds. Names will fly fast and area scouts will look forward to a year’s worth of work paying off when a kid they scouted gets his name called. Oh, and the young man getting called will likely be happy as well.

Some #SFGiants round three through ten draftees through the years

Day Two gets going in a little less than two hours, with the preview show on scheduled to get going at 9:30 AM PST. Earlier in the week I presented info on Round 1 and 2 draft picks since the year 2000, 2014’s draft picks thus far, and the best available according to different outlets. The Giants have eight picks today with their rounds three through ten selections, so I wanted to also take a look at some names you may be familiar with, as well as the names that have been picked in the respective rounds recently.

Round 3

Year Rnd OvPck RdPck Pos WAR ▾ G AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
1987 3 74 16 Mike Benjamin (minors) SS 6.8 818 1926 24 .229 .616 1 0.00 0.00 0 4Yr Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ)
2004 3 100 29 John Bowker (minors) OF -1.5 240 574 17 .232 .664 4Yr California State University Long Beach (Long Beach, CA)
2002 3 97 25 Daniel Ortmeier (minors) OF -0.7 124 255 6 .255 .721 4Yr University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX)
2008 3 82 5 Roger Kieschnick (minors) OF -0.6 42 91 0 .187 .483 4Yr Texas Tech University (Lubbock, TX)
2013 3 101 28 Chase Johnson (minors) RHP 4Yr California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo, CA)
2012 3 115 20 Mac Williamson (minors) RF 4Yr Wake Forest University (Winston-Salem, NC)
2011 3 116 26 Ricky Oropesa (minors) 1B 4Yr University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA)
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Familiar names, but nothing yet that demands your attention as of yet.

Round 4

Year Rnd DT OvPck RdPck Pos WAR ▾ AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
1967 4 78 18 Steve Busby (minors) RHP 16.3 15 0 .200 .467 167 3.72 1.35 0 HS Fullerton Union HS (Fullerton, CA)
1978 4 85 7 Rob Deer (minors) OF 13.7 3881 230 .220 .766 HS Canyon HS (Anaheim, CA)
1995 4 103 16 Russ Ortiz (minors) RHP 13.6 507 7 .205 .549 311 4.51 1.49 0 4Yr University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
1983 4 96 16 Charlie Hayes (minors) 3B 10.5 5262 144 .262 .714 HS Forrest County Agricultural HS (Hattlesburg, MS)
1990 4 122 23 Mike Myers (minors) LHP 8.5 2 0 .000 .000 883 4.29 1.44 14 4Yr Iowa State University (Ames, IA)
2008 4 117 5 Brandon Crawford (minors) SS 6.4 1321 23 .240 .665 4Yr University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
2002 4 127 25 Kevin Correia (minors) RHP 3.6 285 0 .112 .275 333 4.57 1.42 0 4Yr California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (San Luis Obispo, CA)
2010 4 138 23 Seth Rosin (minors) RHP -0.1 0 3 6.75 1.75 0 4Yr University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
2004 4 130 29 Clay Timpner (minors) OF -0.1 2 0 .000 .000 4Yr University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL)
1996 4 102 7 Ken Vining (minors) LHP -0.6 0 0 8 17.55 3.30 0 4Yr Clemson University (Clemson, SC)
1993 4 106 6 Jay Canizaro (minors) SS -0.8 596 10 .250 .673 JC Blinn College (Brenham, TX)
2013 4 132 26 Brian Ragira (minors) 1B 4Yr Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA)
2012 4 148 20 Steven Okert (minors) LHP 4Yr University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
2011 4 147 26 Bryce Bandilla (minors) LHP 4Yr University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
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Russ Ortiz had seven home runs in his career. Not sure Okert will top this list, but he is getting people’s attention.

Round 5

Year Rnd OvPck RdPck Pos WAR ▾ AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
1994 5 144 25 Bob Howry (minors) RHP 11.1 5 0 .200 .400 769 3.84 1.25 66 4Yr McNeese State University (Lake Charles, LA)
1975 5 104 8 Bob Shirley (minors) LHP 9.3 263 0 .110 .274 434 3.82 1.38 18 4Yr University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
2009 5 147 6 Brandon Belt (minors) 1B 8.7 1236 42 .272 .801 4Yr University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX)
1992 5 131 7 Doug Mirabelli (minors) C 4.8 1456 58 .231 .724 4Yr Wichita State University (Wichita, KS)
1998 5 158 25 Ryan Vogelsong (minors) RHP 2.7 219 0 .155 .400 212 4.43 1.41 0 4Yr Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (Kutztown, PA)
2010 5 168 23 Heath Hembree (minors) RHP 0.3 0 0 9 0.00 0.78 0 4Yr College of Charleston (Charleston, SC)
1991 5 141 16 William VanLandingham (minors) RHP -1.2 164 1 .122 .302 84 4.54 1.45 0 4Yr University of Kentucky (Lexington, KY)
2013 5 162 26 Daniel Slania (minors) RHP 4Yr University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN)
2012 5 178 20 Ty Blach (minors) LHP 4Yr Creighton University (Omaha, NE)
2011 5 177 26 Chris Marlowe (minors) RHP 4Yr Oklahoma State University (Stillwater, OK)
2008 5 147 5 Edwin Quirarte (minors) RHP 4Yr California State University Northridge (Los Angeles, CA)
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Brandon Belt and Ryan Vogelsong on the list, with Belt the one to likely top the list when it’s all said and done. Ty Blach is an up and comer.

Round 6

Year Rnd OvPck RdPck Pos WAR ▾ AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
1995 6 159 16 Joe Nathan (minors) RHP 26.2 63 2 .159 .496 737 2.85 1.10 354 4Yr Stony Brook University (Stony Brook, NY)
1983 6 148 16 John Burkett (minors) RHP 19.1 540 0 .093 .240 445 4.31 1.35 1 HS Beaver HS (Beaver, PA)
1985 6 134 2 Jeff Brantley (minors) RHP 11.6 68 0 .118 .275 615 3.39 1.30 172 4Yr Mississippi State University (Mississippi State, MS)
1992 6 159 7 Aaron Fultz (minors) LHP 3.0 19 0 .263 .526 463 4.26 1.36 3 JC North Florida Community College (Madison, FL)
2008 6 177 5 Eric Surkamp (minors) LHP -0.8 9 0 .111 .311 7 7.36 1.98 0 4Yr North Carolina State University (Raleigh, NC)
2006 6 176 10 Ryan Rohlinger (minors) SS -0.9 67 0 .134 .377 4Yr University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
2010 6 198 23 Mike Kickham (minors) LHP -1.4 6 0 .167 .500 12 10.16 1.98 0 4Yr Missouri State University (Springfield, MO)
2013 6 192 26 Nick Vander Tuig (minors) RHP 4Yr University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
2012 6 208 20 Stephen Johnson (minors) RHP 4Yr St. Edward’s University (Austin, TX)
2011 6 207 26 Josh Osich (minors) LHP 4Yr Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)
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Oh, Joe Nathan.

Round 7

Year Rnd DT OvPck RdPck Pos WAR ▾ AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
1983 7 174 16 Mike Aldrete (minors) 1B 8.9 2147 41 .263 .733 1 0.00 1.00 0 4Yr Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA)
1969 7 162 18 Gary Thomasson (minors) OF 7.0 2373 61 .249 .721 HS Oceanside HS (Oceanside, CA)
2006 7 206 10 Brett Pill (minors) 1B 0.8 240 9 .233 .683 4Yr California State University Fullerton (Fullerton, CA)
2003 7 213 26 Pat Misch (minors) LHP 0.5 39 0 .077 .220 78 4.80 1.42 0 4Yr Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)
1990 7 203 22 Greg Norton (minors) SS -2.4 2410 89 .249 .757 HS Bishop O’Dowd HS (Oakland, CA)
2013 7 222 26 Brandon Bednar (minors) SS 4Yr Florida Gulf Coast University (Fort Myers, FL)
2012 7 238 20 Eduardo Encinosa (minors) RHP 4Yr University of Miami (Coral Gables, FL)
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Pat Misch and Brett Pill, your recent seventh round draft picks that have given the Giants positive value at the big league level per rWAR.

Round 8

Year Rnd DT OvPck RdPck Pos WAR ▾ AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
1967 8 158 18 Davey Lopes (minors) OF 42.2 6354 155 .263 .737 4Yr Washburn University (Topeka, KS)
1978 8 189 7 Alvin Davis (minors) 3B 19.8 4240 160 .280 .830 HS North Riverside HS (Riverside, CA)
1974 8 187 19 Denny Walling (minors) OF 12.2 2945 49 .271 .728 JC Brookdale Community College (Lincroft, NJ)
1985 8 186 2 Trevor Wilson (minors) OF 3.7 193 2 .176 .455 169 3.87 1.33 0
2002 8 247 25 Clay Hensley (minors) RHP 3.5 87 0 .092 .247 271 4.00 1.37 10 4Yr Lamar University (Beaumont, TX)
2013 8 252 26 Tyler Horan (minors) LF 4Yr Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Blacksburg, VA)
2012 8 268 20 Joseph Kurrasch (minors) LHP 4Yr Pennsylvania State University (State College, PA)
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Davey Lopes was drafted, but not signed by the Giants. Dodgers would get him in the 2nd round a year later. Hensley was an 8th rounder, I see.

Round 9

Year Rnd OvPck RdPck Pos WAR ▾ AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
1994 9 256 25 Keith Foulke (minors) RHP 20.9 16 0 .125 .250 619 3.33 1.08 191 4Yr Lewis-Clark State College (Lewiston, ID)
1987 9 230 16 Gil Heredia (minors) RHP 10.1 89 0 .213 .464 267 4.46 1.36 4 4Yr University of Arizona (Tucson, AZ)
1998 9 278 25 Cody Ransom (minors) SS 1.0 752 30 .213 .703 4Yr Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, AZ)
2007 9 284 10 Dan Runzler (minors) LHP 0.3 1 0 .000 .500 89 3.86 1.51 0 4Yr University of California, Riverside (Riverside, CA)
2008 9 267 5 Ryan Verdugo (minors) LHP -0.3 0 0 1 32.40 6.00 0 4Yr Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA)
2013 9 282 26 Donald Snelten (minors) LHP 4Yr University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, MN)
2012 9 298 20 Shilo McCall (minors) CF HS Piedra Vista HS (Farmington, NM)
2011 9 297 26 Derek Law (minors) RHP 4Yr Miami-Dade College, Kendall Campus (Miami, FL)
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~21 rWAR is going to be tough to top. To give you an idea of the sustained dominance a reliever would have to have, in Craig Kimbrel’s five years of embarrassing hitters, he’s put up about 10 rWAR, and that’s Craig Kimbrel. If the Giants get seven or so good years out of Derek Law, I don’t think anyone would complain.

Round 10

Year Rnd OvPck RdPck Pos WAR ▾ AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
1982 10 247 11 Pete Incaviglia (minors) 3B 10.2 4233 206 .246 .758 HS Monterey HS (Seaside, CA)
2007 10 314 10 Joe Paterson (minors) LHP -0.1 0 0 70 5.31 1.62 1 4Yr Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)
2013 10 312 26 Tyler Rogers (minors) RHP 4Yr Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN)
2012 10 328 20 Trevor Brown (minors) C 4Yr University of California, Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
2011 10 327 26 Kentrell Hill (minors) CF JC Arkansas Baptist College (Little Rock, AR)
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Short list with plenty of unfamiliar names. That’s what happens when you get further into the draft.

#MLBDraft’s best available according to Baseball America,, and ESPN’s Keith Law

Friday’s Round 3-10 action will get going at 10:00AM PST today, and so far the Giants have used their two picks at 14 and 52 to get Tyler Beede and Aramis Garcia. You can read more on them and see video of them here. You might be wondering which picks are the “best” still available according to the rankings that are out there. Keep in mind, some players could still be left out there because of the money demands that the industry believes these players are making, so don’t think that just because a Top 30 guy is there he’s going to be snatched up by the Giants right away. The Giants have the 87th, 118th, 148th, 178th, 208th, 238th, 268th, and 298th overall picks. Below will be screen shots of the top rankings of Baseball America,, and ESPN. You’ll see the Top 31 available, because that’s what I was able to screen shot.  Starting with Baseball America:

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 7.06.32 AM


Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 7.07.10 AM

Some of Teddy Cahill’s thoughts from on J.B. Bukauskas and Day 2:

“Bukauskas is committed to North Carolina and was a junior when school began in the fall. But at the request of the Tar Heels coaches, he moved his high school graduation up a year, becoming eligible for the 2014 Draft in the process. Though his dynamic arm excited scouts this spring, he remains committed to North Carolina and sent a letter to teams last month telling them he intended to attend college.

Friday will most likely see several college seniors selected as teams try to get the most out of their allotted pool of money to sign their Draft picks. Each team’s budget for the Draft is determined by adding up the value assigned to each of their picks in the first 10 rounds. If a team goes over this total, its is subject to penalties.”

From ESPN:

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 7.08.08 AM


Here’s a little about what Keith Law had to say of the best remaining:

“Bukauskus, Montes de Oca and Kendall are probably all unsignable/massive over-slot guys at this point, although I expect all three will get calls tonight from teams looking to see if $1.5-2 million is enough to buy them out of their college commitment.

Lemond came back from missing time with a sore elbow that resulted directly from misuse at Rice, and teams are afraid to take a Rice pitcher to begin with. But Lemond has shown he’s healthy and represents great value at this point. Cease has an elbow injury but opted for platelet-rich plasma treatment rather than surgery, and could still be signable for a team willing to take on the risk that he’ll need Tommy John surgery down the road. Graves’ stock wasn’t helped by playing for a miserable team that missed the SEC tournament, but I think he’ll go in the third round as one of the few good college starters left on the board.”

So, there are still plenty of top 100 guys there to be plucked, but we’ll wait to see if the board of the Giants lines up a little with the boards of the scouts that release content to the public.

#SFGiants take RHP Tyler Beede in 14th overall, C Aramis Garcia 52nd in Day 1 of MLB Draft

Unlike in 2013 when the Giants surprised just about everybody selecting Christian Arroyo and Ryder Jones in back-to-back rounds. Arroyo and Jones didn’t follow the rankings of the websites that were available to the masses. This year, it appears the rankings were a little more in line (note: this does not make previous picks or these picks any more “correct” or “incorrect”) with what was out there as the Giants selected RHP Tyler Beede from Vanderbilt with their first overall pick. I wonder if the good people of Vandy were excited?

Some quotes from the Front Office captured by articles by beat writer Chris Haft and Jimmy Durkin:

“Scouting director John Barr said that when and where Beede will begin his Giants career — assuming he signs — could depend on his remaining pitching activity for Vanderbilt. If the Commodores were to advance to the College World Series, with Beede logging more innings, the Giants might sharply restrict his pitching for the rest of the year or even shut him down entirely.”

“He has a chance of moving quickly,” Barr said of Beede, a native of Auburn, Mass. “You can’t teach the arm that he has…One thing I do know is that this organization, with [player personnel director] Dick Tidrow and the coaching staff, develops pitchers and develops them well.”

Beede was ranked in the Top 15 of three sites I frequented for Draft : Baseball America (#15), (#12), and ESPN (#14). You can check out videos of him here, as well as a mid-May report from Keith Law:

Some quotes on Beede:

“There’s no question that Beede has some of the best stuff of any starter in the class, but there are serious questions about his command, as the right-hander often struggled to throw strikes over the spring.” —

“He has thrown more strikes this spring (3.3 BB/9) but has been more hittable, and scouts give him average control grades with below-average command.” —Baseball America

“When Beede is at his best, he can display three above-average pitches. His fastball usually operates around 92-94 mph and can clock as high as 97. His sharp curveball and his changeup both arrive in the low 80s, playing off his fastball well.” —

“Beede has a big personality and rap alter ego (Young Beedah) and was the life of Team USA’s clubhouse despite his struggles last summer.” –Baseball America

My thoughts: Hearing Peter Gammons comp Beede to Matt Harvey made me jerk my head back, and boy do I hope the Giants got themselves one of them Matt Harveys. Still, a pitcher with three pitches for the most part developed is sexy, and if you’re worrying about his big-time arm not having good command like another top Giants prospect you’ve heard about, let’s see what happens when the Giants coaching staff gets to working with him before we panic. You can follow Young Beedah here. He is also scheduled to pitch in the Super Regional against Stanford on Friday scheduled to start at 10:00AM PST.

As for the second round pick, the Giants selected catcher Aramis Garcia, who also has a twitter account as do most younguns these days. Garcia is a bit of a surprise pick because he is a catcher, and the Giants have a star catcher you’ve heard about, and they have a fairly decent MLB backup, and they have a Susac waiting in Triple-A Fresno. Garcia, who plays are Florida International University, is the second catcher chosen in the second-round in four years (Susac). Unlike Beede who had spots on the Draft Board of all three of BA, ESPN, and, Garcia was on the two lists that stretched to 200 players: BA and On Baseball America, he was rated as the #74 overall Draft prospect, while at, he was #78. Here’s’s video:

Moving pictures from Baseball America can be had here. Think I’m a fan of that swing. The grades don’t project favorably for Garcia to become a star, but you never know. Perhaps something clicks, especially with his defense. Some quotes:

“He has present strength and a mature approach at the plate and profiles as an offensive backstop. Garcia’s bat is ahead of his defense, as his footwork remains problematic and his blocking needs work. He has average arm strength and had thrown out 28 percent of opposing basestealers.” –Baseball America

“Garcia … makes contact well with his short, compact stroke. His swing is more geared to hitting line drives, but scouts believe he can add more strength to his lean frame and hit for more power as a result. Though scouts prefer his bat to his glove, Garcia is a solid defender. He has an average arm and is a good receiver. He will need to work on his footwork and blocking as a professional, however.” –

Welcome to the club, Beede and Garcia. I look forward to you being ready to help the big club sooner rather than later.

Baseball America’s last two mocks has #SFGiants choosing prep OF Derek Hill, son of Dodgers scout

The MLB Draft starts today, and the Giants will get two picks for us to chime in about in the 14th and 52nd overall selections. You can use this post as a reference for Draft prospects and their ranking across Baseball America,, and ESPN. Baseball America has also provided us with five mock drafts this draft season, and with their fourth and fifth mock, have the Giants selecting high school outfielder Derek Hill.

A video from Baseball America with a side view of his swing

The video and report on Hill:

Two videos from Baseball Prospectus:

Hill is listed at 6’2″/175 outfielder, and now to compile the quotes about the young man out of Elk Glove (future Giants AAA territory?), cousin of Darryl Strawberry and son of a Dodgers scout.

“Rumors related to San Francisco are all over the board. This is our current favorite: Derek Hill isn’t a consensus top 15 pick, but he has the plus center-field defensive tools that fit with the cavernous parks of the National League West. Plus, his dad Orsinio Hill scouts for the Dodgers, so there’s a rivalry tweak for added fun.” –BA Mock 4.0

“No one has dissuaded us from last mock’s Derek Hill rumor here. The Giants also could pounce on Newcomb if he’s available.” –BA Mock 5.0

“Derek Hill is one of the fastest players and best defensive players in this year’s high school class. He ran sub-6.4 60-yard-dashes on the showcase circuit this summer, and he glides around center field. He also has a solid arm, stronger than most at his position.” —

“Hill has a quick righthanded stroke and works inside the ball, showing strike zone awareness. Scouts believe he’ll also show power when he begins hitting the ball to his pull side more frequently. Hill rarely swings and misses in the zone, but will expand the zone against secondary stuff. His swing is geared more toward line drives with below-average over-the-fence power. ” —Baseball America

“The concern with Hill is upside. He’s unlikely to produce big numbers offensively, and there’s a large chance that he’ll just be a fourth outfielder as a professional. If he maxes out though, he’s a potential leadoff hitter capable of stealing bases and providing above-average defense in center field.” –ESPN Insider Player Card

Scouting Grades: Hit: 50 | Power: 45 | Run: 70 | Arm: 50 | Field: 65 | Overall: 50″ –

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 8.10.45 AM

Derek Hill is listed as the #22 overall prospect by Baseball America, #20 by, and #11 by ESPN. No doubt if the Giants drafted Derek Hill the casual Giants fan will immediately start thinking about Gary Brown and wonder if the young Hill can be better than that. In a draft that’s being touted as having the pitching depth, getting a good future MLB position player early on may be a good strategy.

#SFGiants First and Second Round #MLBDraft Picks Since 2000

So you’re thinking about the Giants and their first and second round draft picks coming up tomorrow on MLB Network. If the Giants draft a pitcher, you might wonder when the last time they drafted a pitcher happened to be. Thank goodness, the folks at Baseball Reference put together a page where you can check out whom the Giants drafted, and you’d be able to say, “Oh yea, Chris Stratton, one pick after Michael Wacha.” Looking for a collegiate position player in the first round? Look no further than Gary Brown, one pick after the Marlins’ Christian Yelich. Some of these players are on top prospect lists, others you have become familiar with, while the rest you either don’t know, or might have a negative reaction to for whatever reason. The Giants had no first round picks in 2004-2005. If you would like to know why, you can look on this page towards the bottom. Not the best of times.

Year Rnd RdPck Pos WAR AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
2013 1 25 Christian Arroyo (minors) SS HS Hernando HS (Brooksville, FL)
2012 1 20 Chris Stratton (minors) RHP 4Yr Mississippi State University (Mississippi State, MS)
2011 1 29 Joe Panik (minors) SS 4Yr St. John’s University (Queens, NY)
2011 1s 49 *Kyle Crick (minors) RHP HS Sherman HS (Sherman, TX)
2010 1 24 Gary Brown (minors) CF 4Yr California State University Fullerton (Fullerton, CA)
2009 1 6 Zack Wheeler (minors) RHP 1.1 48 0 .104 .265 29 3.61 1.36 0 HS East Paulding HS (Dallas, GA)
2008 1 5 Buster Posey (minors) C 19.1 1813 68 .303 .851 4Yr Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)
2008 1s 37 *Conor Gillaspie (minors) 3B 0.3 592 14 .264 .718 4Yr Wichita State University (Wichita, KS)
2007 1 10 Madison Bumgarner (minors) LHP 13.3 249 3 .149 .408 130 3.06 1.16 0 HS South Caldwell HS (Hudson, NC)
2007 1 22 *Tim Alderson (minors) RHP HS Horizon HS (Scottsdale, AZ)
2007 1 29 *Wendell Fairley (minors) OF HS George County HS (Lucedale, MS)
2007 1s 32 *Nick Noonan (minors) 2B -0.4 105 0 .219 .499 HS Parker HS (San Diego, CA)
2007 1s 43 *Jackson Williams (minors) C 4Yr University of Oklahoma (Norman, OK)
2007 1s 51 *Charlie Culberson (minors) 2B -1.0 190 3 .237 .594 HS Calhoun HS (Calhoun, GA)
2006 1 10 Tim Lincecum (minors) RHP 22.2 425 0 .111 .296 233 3.53 1.26 0 4Yr University of Washington (Seattle, WA)
2006 1s 33 *Emmanuel Burriss (minors) SS -2.2 720 1 .243 .573 4Yr Kent State University (Kent, OH)
2003 1 22 *David Aardsma (minors) RHP 2.1 3 0 .000 .000 298 4.23 1.44 69 4Yr Rice University (Houston, TX)
2003 1s 34 *Craig Whitaker (minors) RHP HS Lufkin HS (Lufkin, TX)
2002 1 25 Matt Cain (minors) RHP 32.8 525 6 .128 .346 274 3.36 1.17 0 HS Houston HS (Germantown, TN)
2001 1 21 *Brad Hennessey (minors) RHP 2.7 88 2 .227 .563 148 4.69 1.49 20 4Yr Youngstown State University (Youngstown, OH)
2001 1 30 Noah Lowry (minors) LHP 10.2 197 2 .178 .464 106 4.03 1.38 0 4Yr Pepperdine University (Malibu, CA)
2001 1s 41 *Todd Linden (minors) OF -1.8 502 8 .231 .638 4Yr Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA)
2000 1 21 Boof Bonser (minors) RHP -0.5 6 0 .000 .000 111 5.18 1.46 0 HS Gibbs HS (St. Petersburg, FL)
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Generated 6/4/2014.

Just going to put this out there: I miss Noah Lowry. Before you jump on Gary Brown, realize that only Heath Hembree, Seth Rosin, and Mike Kickham have reached the majors from the 2010 Giants Draft signees onward. Encouraging to see three-fifths of the 2014 rotation here, though I’ll understand if you’re unhappy with a certain 2006 pick still being there. It was an upside sign this off-season, for sure. The second round is also an interesting trip down memory lane, with no picks in 2005-2008, although there were supplementary picks that happened in 2006-2008.

Year Rnd RdPck Pos WAR AB HR BA OPS G ERA WHIP SV Type Drafted Out of
2013 2 25 Ryder Jones (minors) 3B HS Watauga HS (Boone, NC)
2012 2 24 Martin Agosta (minors) RHP 4Yr St. Mary’s College of California (Moraga, CA)
2011 2 26 Andrew Susac (minors) C 4Yr Oregon State University (Corvallis, OR)
2010 2 24 Jarrett Parker (minors) CF 4Yr University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA)
2009 2 6 Tommy Joseph (minors) C HS Horizon HS (Scottsdale, AZ)
2004 2 29 Eddy Martinez-Esteve (minors) OF 4Yr Florida State University (Tallahassee, FL)
2003 2 18 Todd Jennings (minors) C 4Yr California State University San Bernardino (San Bernardino, CA)
2003 2 26 Nate Schierholtz (minors) 3B 4.8 1911 47 .261 .725 JC Chabot College (Hayward, CA)
2002 2 25 Fred Lewis (minors) OF 4.3 1562 27 .266 .747 4Yr Southern University and A&M College (Baton Rouge, LA)
2001 2 30 Jesse Foppert (minors) RHP -0.5 37 0 .081 .267 27 5.00 1.61 0 4Yr University of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
2000 2 21 Lance Niekro (minors) 3B 0.4 499 17 .246 .709 4Yr Florida Southern College (Lakeland, FL)
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Generated 6/4/2014.

Man, those are some names. Yes, you should be happy they made the majors, but growing up, not all of those names were harvesting happy memories. Thank you Tommy Joseph for getting the Giants the outfielder known as Hunter Pence. Andrew Susac could be a step away from the majors after he gets healthy. Still a lot left to be seen out of Agosta and Jones.

Hopefully on Thursday I’ll be able to put together something like this for the third-tenth rounds, which will be done on Friday. I doubt I’ll reach as far back as the year 2000, maybe take a look at those players that actually reached the majors. Not an easy task for these players, a lot of them having a long developmental path ahead of them after being drafted!

The #MLBDraft Top 200/200/100 Rankings of Baseball America,, and ESPN

The Rule IV MLB Draft will be upon us tomorrow, and the moment after the team you root for drafts a kid, you’re going to be looking for as instant analysis as you can. If you’re looking for pure numbers, this post can help you out a little bit. The rankings and scouting reports and video for some if you have subscriber access, can be had at Baseball America,, and ESPN. All links go directly to each site’s prospect rankings, and for you’ll have to click “Draft 200” to see the draft reports. Here are all the prospects listed in the Top 200 sorted in the order of Baseball America’s Top 200. I don’t know why. ESPN’s rankings only went to 100, while BA actually goes to 500, and the MLB list goes to 200. A blank cell means the player wasn’t ranked on that site’s respective “Top” list. Here we go:

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.18.06 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.18.23 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.18.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.18.59 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.19.18 PM

A Draft prospect named “Brent Jones” that a San Francisco team has a chance at? Hm….

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.19.37 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.19.54 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 7.20.38 PM


The Giants have these picks overall: 14th, 52nd, 87th, 118th, 148th, 178th, 208th, 238th, 268th, 298th overall picks in the first ten rounds. The Giants 14th and 52nd picks will happen on Thursday. The other picks listed will go down on Friday. From there, rounds 11 through 40 will be done on Saturday. July 18th is the signing deadline for players selected in the Draft.