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#SFGiants Non-Tender Brian Wilson, Becomes a Free Agent

The deadline was 9:00PM PST, and by that time the Giants had made a decision after efforts to come to an agreement with the one with the beard, but the parties were unable to come to an agreement, and Brian Wilson is now a Free Agent. In a culture that regrettably loves the save stat, Brian Wilson gathered himself 171 of those during his Giants tenure, and had a pair of fantastic 2009 and 2010 campaigns (double digit K/9, 2.50 and lower FIP), while having a decent 2011 season where he admittedly was a little fatigued from the historic 2010 run.

There was news that since Wilson lives in Los Angeles that he would consider the Dodgers first on his off-season list of teams to talk to. You could argue it may have been a “leverage leak” as Hank Schulman suggested, but then again we’ll see how it all plays out. Maybe he does stay in the NL West. Or maybe another team snatches him up and gives him more guaranteed cash, which is what Wilson and his camp were looking for, as opposed to the largely incentive-based contract that was offered by the Giants.

Although Sabean says they’re not active in trades right now, the Winter Meetings in Nashville start next week and the Giants may find an arm they deem good enough to replace their former 9th inning guy. Hard to say there’s someone waiting in the wings at the farm to replace Wilson. Heath Hembree was supposed to be the heir to the throne, but he’s slowed a bit due to injury and is still working on his control (insert closing pitcher joke there). The GM will probably do his usual Spring Training-invite, seemingly minor-trade-type of move to shore up the bullpen… or he could stand pat with guys like Jean Machi, Yusmeiro Petit, or use players he’s added to the 40-man in Jake Dunning, or Chris Heston. Some even can’t wait to see the likes of Brett Bochy possibly take the bump for father Bruce.

Lots of off-season left to go, but this is probably the end of Brian Wilson’s run — and his out of control facial hair — with the team that groomed him to become the now free agent reliever.


“We Coulda Had Him…:” Guys That Were Drafted Later

Don’t you wish your team’s local scout had picked up on this guy?

MLB Draft Day was not always the big production it is now with it being streamed on MLB Network, online, and with the crazy amounts of analysis from big networks in addition to Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, and the like. Something I know that has been covered by writers/bloggers here and there are articles in which they talk about what players your team could’ve had. Not every year is the same as some years for most teams you may have even more than one first round pick, or you can have drafts like the 2005 Giants did with nothing until the 4th round. Now, the biggest name from their draft that year? Why it would be no other than your favorite frisbee thrower, Sergio Romo, picked in the 28th round! Here’s some players you probably wouldn’t mind having on your roster that were picked after the 5th round of their respective drafts.

To make things a little more fun, what if we made this also a 25-man roster? I’ll put an asterisk next to the guys that wouldn’t have made the cut for the team I’m putting together. I’ll even provide a prospect for some of the positions to make it more 40-man-ish and these guys will be marked with a double-asterisk

The new kid!


A.J. Ellis (Dodgers; Drafted in 2003 in the 18th round by the Dodgers) — Ellis has been an OBP machine for the Dodgers whether he’s been batting 2nd where he should be, or 8th in the lineup, because he’s a catcher or something.

Mike Napoli (Rangers; Drafted in 2000 in the 17th round by the Angels) — Remember when the Angels traded Napoli to the Blue Jays and then the Blue Jays traded him to the Rangers where he would hit 30 dingers for them? Good times.

**Ryan Lavarnway (Red Sox; Drafted in 2008 in the 6th round by the Red Sox) — Just debuted on the 18th of August!

1st Base

Albert Pujols (Angels; Drafted in 1999 in the 13th round by the Cardinals) — Lifetime 472 HR in his Age 32 season. Has never had a season with less than 32 HR (27 this year).

Mark Trumbo (Angels; Drafted in 2004 in the 18th round by the Angels) — Only 26, the kid has posted back-to-back 29 HR seasons.

**Jonathan Singleton (Astros; Drafted in 2009 in the 8th round by the Phillies) — Has an ETA of 2013 per MLB.com and he’s from my part of town in Long Beach as well.

I hear some Rangers fans are complaining about his production. OK, we’ll take him and take the fall for you guys!

2nd Base

Ian Kinsler (Rangers; Drafted in 2003 in the 17th round by the Rangers) — Has been a 30/30 guy in 2009 and 2011.

Dan Uggla (Braves; Drafted in 2001 in the 11th round by the Diamondbacks) — biceps bigger than my head; Had five straight 30-HR seasons coming into 2012.

**Scooter Gennett (Brewers; Drafted in 2009 in the 16th round by the Brewers) — how can you not love that name? ETA 2013.

3rd Base

Edwin Encarnacion (Blue Jays; Drafted in 2000 in the 9th round by the Rangers) — Has he discovered something new in Toronto a la JoeyBats? 31 HR in his age 29 season after only two-20+ HR seasons in 2010 (21) and 2008 (26).

**Nick Delmonico (Orioles; Drafted in 2011 in the 6th round by the Orioles) — Not in any Top 100s that I’ve seen. ETA 2015.


Ben Zobrist (Rays; Drafted in 2004 in the 6th round by the Astros) — Super utility guy that gives you double digit bombs and double digit stolen bags.

**Tyler Saladino (White Sox; Drafted for the second time in two years in 2010, drafted in the 7th round by the White Sox in ’10) — The SS prospect after the 2nd round is difficult to find, and Saladino probably isn’t even a prospect at all. I mean, he is in the White Sox’s system. 

Often overlooked, I would’ve loved Josh Willingham in San Francisco


Matt Kemp — (Dodgers; Drafted in 2003 in the 6th round by the Dodgers) — A legitimate 40/40 threat when healthy

Jose Bautista (Blue Jays; Drafted in 2000 in the 20th round by the Pirates) — On his way to three straight 30-HR seasons

Josh Willingham (Twins; Drafted in 2000 in the 17th round by the Marlins) — Six 20-HR seasons, with his first 30-HR season this year

Austin Jackson (Tigers; Drafted in 2005 in the 8th round by the Yankees) — .308/.392/.897 line in 2012

Corey Hart (Brewers; Drafted in 2000 in the 11th round by the Brewers) — Five 20-HR seasons

*Dexter Fowler (Rockies; Drafted in 2004 in the 14th round by the Rockies) — Would be a great bench guy amongst these guys listed with his speed.

**Tyler Austin (Yankees; Drafted in 2010 in the 13th round by the Yankees) — An ETA of 2015 for the kid that’s chillin’ in High-A at the moment.

Jarred Cosart (Astros) is a 38th rounder and a prospect that I actually didn’t write about, but I probably should’ve. I chose someone chosen a bit later instead for my second pitching prospect.

Starting Pitchers

Jake Peavy (White Sox; Drafted in 1999 in the 15th round by the Padres) — finally looking to pitch a season with more than 30 starts since 2007 with the Padres

Mat Latos (Reds; Drafted in 2006 in the 11th round by the Padres) — although he really was a villain with San Diego, Latos will give you what you expect out of a pitcher in the 2 or 3 spot.

Tim Hudson (Braves; Drafted in 1997 in the 6th round by the A’s) — In his 14 seasons of pitching (and 2009 really shouldn’t count because he only had 7 starts), only one season (2006) has he had an ERA+ under 110

James Shields (Rays; Drafted in 2000 in the 16th round by the Devil Rays) — A great season last year, Shields is on his way to another 200+ IP campaign although he is susceptible to the long ball

Matt Moore (Rays; Drafted in 2007 in the 8th round by the Devil Rays) — Still a baby, Matt Moore’s potential is more than enough to “forgive” the season he’s having right now.

*James McDonald (Pirates; Drafted in 2002 in the 11th round by the Dodgers) — A product of my old workplace at Poly HS in Long Beach, James has been given his chance to shine in Pittsburgh and was considered one of the ASG snubs this year.

*Chris Capuano (Dodgers; Drafted in 1999 in the 8th round by the Diamondbacks) — A 4th/5th SP type throughout his career that’s pitching like a 2 or 3 and really helping the Dodgers in their pennant chase this year

**Dellin Betances (Yankees; Drafted in 2006 in the 8th round by the Yankees) — an ETA of 2012 for the kid that’s been geting lit up in his stops in the International and Eastern Leagues.

**Brad Peacock (A’s; Drafted in 2006 in the 41st round by the Nationals) — I just wanted to include a 41st rounder who is considered a legitimate prospcet. Seriously, how cool is that.

Greg Holland is finally being given the love from the Kansas City staff


Tyler Clippard (Nationals; Drafted in 2003 in the 9th round by the Yankees) — Tyler has been blowing the competition away in the last four years, posting a double-digit K/9 and when Storen went down with an injury, Clippard was more than ready to pick up the slack.

David Robertson (Yankees; Drafted in 2006 in the 17th round by the Yankees) — The original heir to the throne of Mariano Rivera, Robertson, like Clippard is going double-digit K/9 for five-years running now including a crazy 399 ERA+ in 2011.

Greg Holland (Royals; Drafted in 2007 in the 10th round by the Royals) — With Joakim Soria down, and Jonathan Broxton finally being shipped out, Greg Holland gets to be put in the spotlight with his power of missing bats as he looks to post a career-high in strikeouts in 2012.

Sergio Romo (Giants; Drafted in 2005 in the 28th round by the Giants) — A known injury risk, Romo still can dominate you with the spin he puts on that frisbee slider of his has been baffling hitters for years

Vinnie Pestano (Indians; Drafted in 2006 in the 20th round by the Indians) — A Cal State Fullerton product (Gary Brown fans know that school well), Pestano has climbed up the ladder but is still what I feel to be a relative unknown because he plays for Cleveland. Currently a set-up man, he is to be taken seriously even if you haven’t heard of him.

Jason Motte (Cardinals; Drafted in 2003 in the 19th round by the Cardinals) — Motte is well known for his 2012 performance but he’s been doing well since 2010 really, and is what I’d think to be a household name in St. Louis.

Sean Marshall (Reds; Drafted in 2003 in the 6th round by the Cubs) — I wonder if Theo would’ve traded Marshall since this guy has been pretty darn good as a reliever when he started doing that full-time in 2010.

*Luke Gregerson (Padres; Drafted in 2006 in the 28th round by the Cardinals) — If Padres fans read my stuff, they’d hate my decision to leave him off my roster, and I understand their gripe: solid ERA+ especially this year, but who do I kick out for him?

*Joe Nathan (Rangers; Drafted in 1995 in the 6th round by the Giants) — Giants fans know the name well, and I won’t make them revisit any trades associated with him, but when healthy, really outside of 2011, he’s done some good work making hitters miss, including a 7 K/BB this year.

**Brody Colvin (Phillies; Drafted in 2009 in the 7th round by the Phillies) — An ETA 2014 and I know you’re not supposed to judge minor leaguers by their stats, but holy crap is this SP getting destroyed right now. A number of things could be going on here, but I put him in the bullpen, just because I can.

Maybe Brian Wilson (24th round in 2003) can be on my 60-Day DL. Sorry if I missed anybody, I don’t hate your team, this was a tough list to compile in certain positions!

What I learned from Wednesday’s #SFGLive

Who's been sending pictures of his abs to Bruce Bochy?

So on Wednesday night there was an “Inside the Clubhouse” complete with a live and active applause track. If you’ve been following the Giants closely throughout the offseason, you didn’t hear anything breaking about what’s going to happen this offseason. You really just learned more about the character of some of the individual characters, which is better than nothing. It’s better than being forced to listen to news about some other inferior sport.

Brian Sabean talked to the audience about everything we already know: pitching is the priority. Bullpen ever so important. Injuries plagued us in 2011. Nothing new, really. He did say if they see a bargain in January they’ll keep an open mind. I think that pertains more to pitching (like a long relief, #5 guy) than a bat. I’m sure they’ll sign a cheap bat if they could though. Rehab stuff nothing new, Freddy on schedule and Buster ahead of schedule. Looking good and of course we’re all hoping for the best. RIGHT, AUDIENCE? (this happened about 10 times over the course of the conference)

Larry Baer told us he hates the term “cap” in “salary cap” since it sounds like the number won’t move. He left room for the salary of the club to be bumped up ever so slightly year-by-year but didn’t talk about any new revenue streams like I dreamed of hearing about. He talked about the importance of keeping the celebrities of the Giants in San Francisco and specifically mentioning Timmy, Matty, Panda, Posey, MadBum and BRIAN WILSON. I think I started crying. If you know me, you know I hate paying too much for closers. We’ll see what happens though — he did say he’ll leave the baseball stuff to the baseball operations guys like Sabes and co.

We could be STACKED for years!

Dave Righetti can’t really tell us too much about what’s to happen with the team because that’s not his nor is it Bochy’s department. He did tell a nice story about how Juan Marichal shook Buster Posey’s hand before Game 5 and knew they were going to win. I learned that Rags likes to talk to the catchers about gameplan more than he does the pitchers.

Bruce Bochy same thing and a lot of talk about the close games and his receding hairline. What else can he really talk about? He did talk about the Taiwan All Star Trip and how fun that was with Pablo in LF for an inning. He talked about Aubrey Huff sending Boch shirtless pictures of himself to prove he’s working hard over this offseason. He didn’t lay down speculation that Pill and Belt could be competing for a spot though, much to the discontent of people that want to see Belt in the starting lineup everyday. Boch brought up the importance of getting through to the team that they can get back to the top and knowing that the 162 game season can be a long season.

Lots to be excited for, lots to be nervous about. The lineup’s pretty much set and so is the staff. It’s all about arbitration and dolling out cash now. Until the next set of crazy news, enjoy the closing shot of the Inside the Clubhouse episode.


So You Want to Trade for Joey Votto?


This would qualify as "a bat"

So yesterday I heard this story from @MLBSecrets that the Reds were willing to listen to offers on Joey Votto. Let’s be logical here: The San Francisco Giants might “kick the tires,” but that might be the end of that when it comes to dreaming over the guy who is probably bitter over Jose Bautista claiming the nickname and Twitter handle of “JoeyBats.” Some people are saying, “I’d love me a Joey Votto” but do you know what a Joey Votto brings?

How about: 40 2B, 185 H, 29 HR, 110 BBs in 599 PA, .416 OBP, a .531 SLG%, .996 FLD% in 2011.

2010 was the reason he signed that contract to cover up some of the arbitration years though — 37 HR, 36 2B, .424 OBP, .600 SLG% and a NL MVP award. He’s due $11.5MM in 2012 and $19MM in 2013. He’s a Free Agent after that.

If you stuck GM Brian Sabean and Reds GM Walt Jocketty in a room and told them: “Look, you guys must trade Joey Votto or you will have to relocate to Miami and play in their old stadium,” what would it take to get it done? I think the Giants could go 3-for-1 on this one… not 4-for-1 like the Indians did for Ubaldo.

If it had to happen: SP Matt Cain, CP Brian Wilson, 1B Brandon Belt for 1B Joey Votto

If it had to happen in most fans’ dreams: SP Barry Zito, CP Armando Benitez, CF Aaron Rowand+SS Miguel Tejada, 1B Aubrey Huff for 1B Joey Votto

In my heart, I feel that the first option would fall a bit short — especially with that guy Aroldis Chapman in Cincy, but the Giants could say, “Hey. Your boy (Votto) declined in 2011. Numbers don’t lie, witches!” Without throwing out there that the Reds played more meaningless games in 2011 than they did in 2010 when they played some organization with fans that boo its own players that rupture their achilles on the final out of a series. I wonder if throwing in SS Brandon Crawford would make that deal go through. And that would make it a 4-for-1. Gosh that would not sit well with me. Oh and you know where this would put Aubrey Huff in 2012, right?

Huff Daddy

That's right, on the ground in the OF

Would the Giants ever do this? I already hear some of you, don’t worry. From:

1) You (idiot) (poop)head. Why did I read this (expletive) (garbage)!

2) I could see Sabean doing that. Free Belt!… from San Francisco!

That trade would free up $12MM in 2012. If the Giants actually signed Cain and Wilson for 2013, they would save somewhere around $8-9MM.

But the Giants would never do that.

Or would they?

Season in Review: RHP @BrianWison38


Best Media Guide Picture Ever?

If I needed to describe this guy’s personality to you, you’ve probably lived under a rock. This guy, Brian Wilson, could be the most famous and thus the most hated San Francisco Giants player in the world. Think about it: if Giants fans strongly dislike the Phillies and some of their players, think of how much they hate Brian Wilson!

2011 Stats: 57 G, 55.0 IP, 45 Games Finished, 6-4, 3.11 ERA, 36 SV, 54 SO/31 BB

Our final memories of the Bearded One may not be what we wanted them to be — blowing a save in Atlanta in an important series where the Giants would eventually would lose 3/4 at Turner Field. Their first game of their notorious slide began in Cincinatti with him on the mound as well giving up a game winning oppo-base hit to 2010 WS MVP Edgar Renteria. Things could’ve been better, but things still weren’t that bad. We did start out the year with this, after all:


It would be difficult to maintain that momentum but B-ri certainly did his best to keep the Giants in it. In 2009-2011 he has allowed 8 HR (3 in ’09, 3 in ’10, 2 in ’11) and in 2008 he allowed 7 HR. That may be the only stat from 2011 that’s better than anything he had in 2009 or 2010. In ’09, ’10 he pitched 72.1, 74.2 inn; issued walks to 27, 26 hitters; K’d 83, 93 hitters; had ERA+ of 157, 217. In 2011, he pitched 55.0 inn, 31 BB, 54 K’s, ERA+ of 115. If he was pitching most of the season with elbow discomfort, then OK, that would explain the drop in the stats. But what does that mean going forward? Will we see more of this:


Or are we going to be wondering about him like we wondered about guys like Freddy Sanchez and even the infamous Mark DeRosa? He has a set salary of $8.5MM in 2012 and then one year of arbitration left after that but will he even be with the Giants that long? Does he even see Scottsdale in Spring Training in 2012 with the San Francisco Giants? My thoughts on Brian are not “if” the Giants will trade him but “when?” The fans love him and I do, too. However, the popular thing to do is to not pay a lot of money for a closer and Brian Wilson from 2013 until a time where he’s at a very obvious decline is going to be getting 8 figures in a contract. Unless the Giants plan on becoming a big-spending club, we may be seeing the last of Mr. Wilson.

Status in 2012: Closer/Prime VideoGame, Chalupa Promoter

Projected Salary in 2012: $8.5MM, has one more year left of team control (arbitration)

Pitching is Our Priority

Big Time Timmy Jim

How much will Timmy make in 2012?

2011 is over for the San Francisco Giants. If you were like me, you celebrated midnight and changed the calendar to 2012 because the off-season has officially begun for the 2010 Champs. It’s no secret that what got the Gigantes to the ticker-tape parade was a wall of pitching dominance and timely hitting by gentlemen who would not shine the same way in 2011. The first order of business going into this off-season as Sabes said, is the pitching. With that said, let’s take a look at who’s on the list for 2012, arbitration eligible for a pay raise and who may be donning a different uni by the time Spring Training breaks:

Set Salaries in 2012

  • Barry Zito ($19MM in 2012)
  • Matt Cain ($15.333)
  • Brian Wilson ($8.5)
  • Madison Bumgarner ($450K in 2011, controlled through 2016)
Arbitration Eligible and Options
  • Tim Lincecum ($14MM in 2011, 2 years of arbitration left)
  • Jonathan Sanchez ($4.8 in 2011, 2 years left)
  • Ramon Ramirez ($1.65 in 2011, 2 years)
  • Santiago Casilla ($1.3 in 2011, 2 years)
  • Sergio Romo ($450K in 2011, 3 years)
  • Ryan Vogelsong (Under Team Control)
  • Jeremy Affeldt ($5MM option that could be declined)
Free Agents
  • Javier Lopez ($2,375MM in 2011, Free Agent)
  • Guillermo Mota ($925K in 2011, Free Agent)
Other dudes like Surkamp, Runzler, Edlefsen and Joaquin are under team control for a while (don’t ask me to define that).
The set salaries are already about $43MM. That’s almost $3MM short of the San Diego Padres’ 2011 payroll. I know what you’re thinking: “Those guys could probably still beat the Padres by themselves.” It’s actually $5MM more than the Royals 2011 payroll. Now you’re probably thinking, “Gosh, I could run an MLB team!”
Let’s dream and imagine everyone is brought back from the Arbitration list and do a little guessing for their 2012 salaries: Timmy ($19MM),  Dirty ($6MM), Ramon ($2MM), Casilla ($3MM), Romo ($3.5MM), Vogey ($5MM), Affeldt ($4MM). That right there is an additional $42.5MM. We’re up to $85.5MM, and that number could be conservative, too.
If Lopez and Mota are brought back, I imagine they’ll combine for $5MM (Lopez 4 Mota 1), which would put the pitching staff at $90MM.
We haven’t even talked about the run-starved offense yet. This could get real interesting.
Kung Fu Panda

Hey Boss, Get Us Some Help Please???