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Marlins “won’t forget” Dom Brown’s celebration, will probably hit him

Domonic Brown has been on a tear of late, winning two consecutive Player of the Week awards, a Player of the Month award for May, thanks in part to a twelve homer May and he hasn’t been slowing down this month, either. Yesterday he hit this bomb (make sure you pay attention to the end of the video):

As you can see, even in slow motion, it’s confusing whether Brown is going back to the dugout, or to first base, and the bat flip — the bat flip — it was one that celebrates homers, for sure. The Marlins, not ones to disappoint, have brought about some bulletin board material:

Hooray. So because Brown celebrated in a manner that some deemed excessive, the Marlins might throw at the 26 25 year old. Hopefully, the umpiring crew takes control of the matter by warning both benches beforehand and stopping any intentional violence towards a hitter in the first place. All it takes is one HBP to the head for things to become awful, and all because the Marlins had their feelings hurt by a celebration. You wanna stop the celebration, Miami? How about you stop making mistakes up and away from the intended location and start executing your pitches to their target around home plate where your catcher is setting it, not at another human being. Immature and pathetic, in my opinion, but I know there are others that feel this is necessary. Clearly, I disagree with that school of thought.


GIF Post for Toosdee

Yesterday I did a post using some animated shorts looping over and over and over and over and over and hopefully you loved it loved it loved it. This post is more than just an encore, it’s the continuing of a beginning of me making GIFs until I find something else to do, like write words. I could write about the Giants and Dodgers tying at 8 today, but nah. And now, to the shorts!

Domonic Brown hits a baseball a long way

How long?

How about above the batter’s eye in CF.

Tommy Joseph joins the dinger party, pulling one

to a hut out in the LF fan area

Ichiro Suzuki is still Ichiroing

Brett Pill ties it up with a HR thru a sideways angle

Bill Hall with the “oh yea, I got it” stare down + walk

hits wall in LF

That last pair of GIFs is probably my favorite for today’s action. Would’ve had more from today’s Giants-Dodgers match if I’d known the live feed was up earlier in the day. Oh wells!