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#SFGiants Free-Agent Post: Who’s Free to Talk to Other Teams?

Now that the parade has come and gone, Giants fans will wonder who’s staying, who’s going, and all that. I have no crystal ball to suggest one of the Giants will get traded, all most of us can talk about is who you should be focusing on as to whom has the freedom to talking to start talking to other teams, and who would be under the Giants team control in 2013 (meaning they can’t sign with other teams).

Who Can Talk to Other Teams (9)

  • Marco Scutaro
  • Freddy Sanchez
  • Jeremy Affeldt
  • Angel Pagan
  • Melky Cabrera
  • Guillermo Mota
  • Clay Hensley
  • Xavier Nady
  • Ryan Theriot

Names that the Giants control (18)

  • All the starters
  • Brian Wilson
  • Sergio Romo
  • Javier Lopez
  • Santiago Casilla
  • Jose Mijares
  • Buster Posey
  • Brandon Belt
  • Brandon Crawford
  • Pablo Sandoval
  • Joaquin Arias
  • Hunter Pence
  • Hector Sanchez
  • Gregor Blanco

This means next year in Spring Training you don’t have to say something like “Thank goodness the Giants got Pablo Sandoval back!” or “Sure glad they didn’t let Sergio Romo go!” because you might see someone around you cringe or flinch in a seizure-like manner.

Early prediction: Giants keep two of those nine names, seeing as how the Giants will hopefully learn their lesson from Huff’s 2/$22  and nearly giving in to Juan Uribe’s 3-year bench plan. I have confidence in Sabean to do the right thing, and after winning their second championship in three years, I hope they won’t go overboard, but even the front office is only human. Holding on to the past in hopes of repeated success may be something they do.


Nate the Great vs. Carlos of Beltran

Nate the Great

I've got a great arm, make game-saving plays, and have amazing abs

No one’s going to dispute it, I’m not even going to say otherwise, but we know that overall Carlos Beltran is better than Nate Schierholtz. The big question for me going forward though is “how much better?” Enough to give him a 2/$24MM deal with a 3rd year option? (This is the deal I expect the Giants to offer)

I’m conflicted: I want Beltran back to be a force in the lineup but I want Nate’s defense in the OF without Belt having to platoon again in all of 2012 in what would probably make it a wasted year not just for Belt, but for Nate as well.

 So I wanted to investigate in the last 3 years, what is the difference between Nate and Carlos? These are all offensive stats being shown because really, is there any argument who’s better on defense? In the “difference” rows, if the number is positive it means Beltran has that much more than Nate. If negative, Nate has that much more than Beltran. Let’s take a look, shall we:

**By the way, I have no idea why the font gets so small. Would love any help in trying to fix that. Sorry for the inconvenience.**

Year Age Tm Lg G PA AB R H 2B 3B
Beltran 2011 34 TOT NL 142 598 520 78 156 39 6
Nate 2011 27 SFG NL 115 362 335 42 93 22 1
Difference 27 236 185 36 63 17 5
Beltran 2010 33 NYM NL 64 255 220 21 56 11 3
Nate 2010 26 SFG NL 137 252 227 34 55 13 3
Difference -73 3 -7 -13 1 -2 0
Beltran 2009 32 NYM NL 81 357 308 50 100 22 1
Nate 2009 25 SFG NL 116 308 285 33 76 19 2
Difference -35 49 23 17 24 3 -1

For the first time since Nate started playing a full season Beltran finally played more games than him. How convenient to do that in a career year. Beltran is well known to be a machine that could be breaking down. Nate isn’t without injury though, ending 2011 on the DL which was well chronicled. When Beltran has a 140+ G season like he does though, the number he puts up can be pretty sexy. Still though, 22 2B in 115 G for Nate is not too shabby.

Beltran 2011 22 84 4 2 71 88 0.300 0.385 0.525
Nate 2011 9 41 7 4 21 61 0.278 0.326 0.430
Difference 13 43 -3 -2 50 27 0.022 0.059 0.095
Beltran 2010 7 27 3 1 30 39 0.255 0.341 0.427
Nate 2010 3 17 4 5 20 38 0.242 0.311 0.366
Difference 4 10 -1 -4 10 1 0.013 0.03 0.061
Beltran 2009 10 48 11 1 47 43 0.325 0.415 0.500
Nate 2009 5 29 3 1 16 58 0.267 0.302 0.400
Difference 5 19 8 0 31 -15 0.058 0.113 0.1
I know, you’re saying “Beltran didn’t get all those HRs with the G-men.” You’re right: he had 7 since he was acquired and Nate had 9 all year. So the power would certainly be different. Beltran being as scary a hitter as he is, induces more walks, which explains the higher OBP (doesn’t account for 100% of it though). Nearly one whole point of slugging% difference though between the two. Those two together explain the difference in OPS.
Beltran 2011 0.910 152 273 18 3 0 4 7
Nate 2011 0.756 112 144 5 4 0 2 3
Difference 0.154 40 129 13 -1 0 2 4
Beltran 2010 0.768 109 94 4 1 0 4 5
Nate 2010 0.676 85 83 3 3 1 1 5
Difference 0.092 24 11 1 -2 -1 3 0
Beltran 2009 0.915 144 154 9 1 0 1 10
Nate 2009 0.702 82 114 5 1 0 6 3
Difference 0.213 62 40 4 0 0 -5 7
Nothing really surprising here. You’d be surprised if Nate kept it close in things like total bases and OPS.
By the way, Nate’s 2011 wRC+ was 107 and Beltran’s was 153 for you statheads. For some people, that will be the answer to the difference right there.
Assuming both played 150 games in a season, if you said the difference between the two would be about 50 runs contributed towards the team total, I’d say that’s a fair estimation. There’s also going to be about $9-11MM difference between the two. So, management, what’s it gonna be?

You'll give me 8 figures and I'm in my mid-30s. I might even play more than half a season for you!

The Offense in 2012: A September 30th Perspective

All Sexy

He may not solve everything, but he'll solve some things.

Yesterday we took a look at the pitching portion of the roster which I estimated to be around $90MM and the Bay Area News Group have posted their arbitration estimates for the whole team here and the numbers aren’t that far off from the estimates I shot forth. Now we take a look at the hitters that are set to come back (or are under payroll), arbitration eligible, and free agents. I’m sure you’re aware of the free agents on the item.

Under Contract in 2012

Aaron Rowand ($13.6MM, released in 2011 due to attitude and sucking. 2012 is his last year.)

Aubrey Huff ($10MM, has option for 2013)

Freddy Sanchez ($6MM)

Buster Posey ($575K in 2011, under control until 2016)

Brandon Belt ($414K in 2011)

Chris Stewart

Brett Pill

Brandon Crawford


Look at how luxury I am!

Arbitration Eligible (Salary in 2011, Years of Arbitration Left)

Jeff Keppinger ($2.3MM, 1)

Andres Torres ($2.2MM, 2)

Mike Fontenot ($1.05MM, 2)

Pablo Sandoval ($500K, 3)

Nate Schierholtz ($432.5K, 3)

Eli Whiteside ($425K, 3)


You love how I hit in general, but not in clutch situations. You should see my defense!

Free Agents (Salary in 2011)

Carlos Beltran ($20.07MM)

Cody Ross ($6.3MM)

Mark DeRosa ($6MM)

Orlando Cabrera ($1MM)

Pat Burrell ($1MM)

Miguel Tejada ($6.5MM)


At least here someone wants me to be involved!

The big question on that arbitration eligible and free agent list is “who will be brought back?” Well, consider that we already have $31.5MM committed to the first category listed and that already puts the Giants at about $120MM of payroll. “Holy F***,” you say. I agree. So which arbitration eligible hitters are tendered? I’m going to guess 4 — Kepp, Panda, Nate, Fonty. However, I expect the Giants to trade Keppinger for something after tendered like a giveaway night that actually gives every fan a bobblehead so they don’t have to spend all day in line for an item that costs the price of admission. For the 3 that stay, I expect it to be somewhere around $5MM for all of them put together. Now that’s $36.5MM for our hitters. So now what? The payroll’s approximately $125MM and you want another hitter? God, you’re selfish. Oh, you want a leadoff hitter? What, have you been good this year or something? Oh, you gave your top prospect away? That was nice of you.

I’m not even going to guess who they Giants might go after. Some have said Coco Crisp. Just what we need, another mascot. Johnny Damon? Hasn’t played CF consistently in years. Andruw Jones? Fits the profile, I suppose. An Aaron Rowand-lite! Josh Willingham? Same as Damon. Jason Kubel? Might as well sign Beltran. Juan Pierre? That would be interesting, to say the least.

So I guess the question will be: How much will Sabes and Co. overpay for Coco and will they have the funds to bring Beltran back to platoon Nate/Belt? The possibilities are limited, and they are definitely frustrating to think through.


You'll hear about me all off-season!

Pitching is Our Priority

Big Time Timmy Jim

How much will Timmy make in 2012?

2011 is over for the San Francisco Giants. If you were like me, you celebrated midnight and changed the calendar to 2012 because the off-season has officially begun for the 2010 Champs. It’s no secret that what got the Gigantes to the ticker-tape parade was a wall of pitching dominance and timely hitting by gentlemen who would not shine the same way in 2011. The first order of business going into this off-season as Sabes said, is the pitching. With that said, let’s take a look at who’s on the list for 2012, arbitration eligible for a pay raise and who may be donning a different uni by the time Spring Training breaks:

Set Salaries in 2012

  • Barry Zito ($19MM in 2012)
  • Matt Cain ($15.333)
  • Brian Wilson ($8.5)
  • Madison Bumgarner ($450K in 2011, controlled through 2016)
Arbitration Eligible and Options
  • Tim Lincecum ($14MM in 2011, 2 years of arbitration left)
  • Jonathan Sanchez ($4.8 in 2011, 2 years left)
  • Ramon Ramirez ($1.65 in 2011, 2 years)
  • Santiago Casilla ($1.3 in 2011, 2 years)
  • Sergio Romo ($450K in 2011, 3 years)
  • Ryan Vogelsong (Under Team Control)
  • Jeremy Affeldt ($5MM option that could be declined)
Free Agents
  • Javier Lopez ($2,375MM in 2011, Free Agent)
  • Guillermo Mota ($925K in 2011, Free Agent)
Other dudes like Surkamp, Runzler, Edlefsen and Joaquin are under team control for a while (don’t ask me to define that).
The set salaries are already about $43MM. That’s almost $3MM short of the San Diego Padres’ 2011 payroll. I know what you’re thinking: “Those guys could probably still beat the Padres by themselves.” It’s actually $5MM more than the Royals 2011 payroll. Now you’re probably thinking, “Gosh, I could run an MLB team!”
Let’s dream and imagine everyone is brought back from the Arbitration list and do a little guessing for their 2012 salaries: Timmy ($19MM),  Dirty ($6MM), Ramon ($2MM), Casilla ($3MM), Romo ($3.5MM), Vogey ($5MM), Affeldt ($4MM). That right there is an additional $42.5MM. We’re up to $85.5MM, and that number could be conservative, too.
If Lopez and Mota are brought back, I imagine they’ll combine for $5MM (Lopez 4 Mota 1), which would put the pitching staff at $90MM.
We haven’t even talked about the run-starved offense yet. This could get real interesting.
Kung Fu Panda

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