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Highlights and Thoughts From Thursday Night’s Discussion on the Term “Gamer Babe”

If you’ve ever watched a broadcast with highly acclaimed broadcast team Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow, you have undoubtedly heard the term, probably uttered by Krukow, “Gamer Babe.” In all my games listening to Kruk and Kuip, I would define the term as: “A dedicated fan that happens to be a woman.” I think that’s a pretty accurate description of how it would be defined. While we hear this a lot on the broadcast, it does not necessarily mean that the term is embraced by all of the fanbase. Enter Bryan Srabian, the Giants Director of Social Media, who got mentioned in a discussion about Gamer Babes and decided he would enter the conversation. Good on him for doing so, because I believe he got a pretty strong taste of how some fans are not pleased with the term.

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Already you  can begin to see that this discussion may not go well. Once you see someone bring out the defense of the number of people supporting a movement, that can get dicey. It’s like when I discuss my displeasure with God Bless America being done during baseball games. Why is that necessary at all? Anyway, I digress.

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Oh, no. Oh no oh no oh no.

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Couple things: Lindsey’s point of “what’s popular isn’t always right” is exactly what needed to be said. Also, always fun to work in the Tomahawk Chop.

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The short bit from Wendy, “I have a daughter and I don’t want her to think only babes are good fans,” is important for embracers of the term to consider if the conversation advances. Srabian reverts to the numbers argument. Granted, Srabian will see the social media activity so he will observe everybody tagging “Gamer Babes” with hashtags or pictures, etc. If he says there’s a large number of people using it, I don’t doubt he’s wrong. But like Lindsey said earlier, it doesn’t make it right.

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I am curious to know how many people studying gender studies would find the term offensive, especially the proportion of women that find it so. Not really for argument’s sake, but for knowledge sake. This discussion really was starting to repeat itself, as you’re noticing.

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No, Bryan, this isn’t the time for you to mention the hard work you’re doing. That’s only going to turn people off to talking with you. Don’t do it!

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So that was one thread, another tweet caught fire after I went to bed:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.22.02 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.22.13 AM Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.22.33 AM

The hole just seems to be getting deeper there, and we know at the very least Srabian has an idea that he’s not doing as well as he was hoping in the discussion. Srabian found my comments, probably searching “Gamer Babe” on twitter, as he does not follow me but engaged in what I said:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.24.09 AM

This was a tough, tough discussion for someone to take all by themselves. Credit Bryan for getting into the thick of it with fans, I’m sure this is not the first time he’s tried to put out a fire on his own, as there are probably other issues that get raised through social media. However, it is time for the term to go. Broadcast crews can discourage the term by not showing fans with the signs — there’s 40,000 people in the stadium, shouldn’t be that hard to find other fans decked out in Giants gear/colors.  There will be articles written on this using terminology and history that are beyond my knowledge, and I look forward to reading it. I hope more people, especially those in the fields of gender studies and those that believe themselves to be feminists are able to leave their thoughts below. Their thoughts should help drive the point home better than I can and assist in better erasing the term from the yard and the game.