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Left Field Trade Option: Ichiro Suzuki

On Friday while I was working, the internet was busy throwing around names and came up with the future Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki as an option for the San Francisco Giants as they search for a Left Field platoon partner with Gregor Blanco that could hit LHP.

While Baseball Reference has both Ichiro and Brett Gardner hitting Free Agency at the same time (after the 2014 season), remember that Brett Gardner will be going into his age 30 season and is an everyday player while Ichiro is going into his age 40 season and is more of a platoon player, and is a bench player for the Yankees.

Looking at Ichiro’s overall numbers, you may be turned off right away:

2012 38 TOT 162 663 28 6 9 29 7 22 61 .283 .307 .390 93 *97/8D
2013 39 NYY 150 555 15 3 7 20 4 26 63 .262 .297 .342 75 *98/7D
13 Yrs 2061 9278 323 83 111 472 106 544 876 .319 .361 .414 111
SEA (12 yrs) 1844 8483 295 79 99 438 97 513 792 .322 .366 .418 113
NYY (2 yrs) 217 795 28 4 12 34 9 31 84 .280 .310 .376 87
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 12/7/2013.

Sub-.300 OBP, 75 OPS+, what really is there to see here? Remember that in this exercise we’re primarily looking for a platoon partner and someone that can play defense, and at least the arm of Ichiro has never been in doubt since he’s broken into the league. A look at his numbers against LHP in 2013:

vs LHP as LHB 81 166 51 3 2 3 4 2 3 14 .321 .331 .421 .336
vs LH Starter 48 149 45 1 1 1 5 1 8 9 .326 .363 .370 .344
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 12/7/2013.

Those are much more attractive numbers and ones that should make you feel better about bringing on an old guy to the team you love. For those wondering, his on base percentage against LHP the last four seasons from 2010: .340, .325, .291, .331 . His wOBA? .342, .290, .282, .329. If there’s anything we’ve established, it’s that you’re either getting a good platoon partner or a tolerable, maybe groan-worthy partner — and who says baseball isn’t easy to predict. The rumors as for whom the Yankees might want back for the aging Hall of Famer?

Since Robinson Cano signed with Seattle and Eduardo Nunez becomes the starting 2B for the Yankees for the time being, the mallet-fingered Marco Scutaro becomes an option people are looking at. I think Dave’s right that the Giants could get the Yankees for less. Dare I say what kind of less — not really, because I’ve never been any good at that kind of predicting. What I know is two teams with money trading for a player, if it happens, you don’t have to be concerned about a team worrying about somebody willing to pick up the tab on the contract. As noted earlier, Ichiro is a bench player on the Yankees, so I think they’d be wise to unload him to a team that will use him to start 60-80 games and get some value out of him, even if that value happens to be some more bench players, or a bullpen arm.

My bias towards Ichiro is that I love him, so the heart says bring him on for maybe one last year for him, and get that Ichiro Giants jersey or shirsey I’ve always wanted to get. While I would have no worries about his defense, my only concerns would be about his offensive contributions in his starts, and with his consistency spoken about a little bit earlier, I am scared that he’s going to perform so poorly that the Giants take a waiver on a journeyman left fielder and waste at bats with him a la Jeff Francoeur. Nobody wants to relive Jeff Francoeur. I do want to experience Ichiro Suzuki, though.


GIF Post for Toosdee

Yesterday I did a post using some animated shorts looping over and over and over and over and over and hopefully you loved it loved it loved it. This post is more than just an encore, it’s the continuing of a beginning of me making GIFs until I find something else to do, like write words. I could write about the Giants and Dodgers tying at 8 today, but nah. And now, to the shorts!

Domonic Brown hits a baseball a long way

How long?

How about above the batter’s eye in CF.

Tommy Joseph joins the dinger party, pulling one

to a hut out in the LF fan area

Ichiro Suzuki is still Ichiroing

Brett Pill ties it up with a HR thru a sideways angle

Bill Hall with the “oh yea, I got it” stare down + walk

hits wall in LF

That last pair of GIFs is probably my favorite for today’s action. Would’ve had more from today’s Giants-Dodgers match if I’d known the live feed was up earlier in the day. Oh wells!