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Exciting News: Per Pedro Gomez, Jonathan Sanchez close to Dodgers deal

Just trying to ignore the defensive mishaps in this Giants game I’m watching when:

Jonathan Sanchez could be a Dodger. Soon. While this may make you laugh at the Dodgers, what if Dirty finds everything that’s been lost for so long? What if he figures it out and stops walking people? What if he

Apr 5 PIT @ LAD 99 5.0 6 3 3 1 4 1 0 5.40 22 88
Apr 10 PIT @ ARI 4 3.1 8 9 9 4 2 2 1 12.96 23 93
Apr 21 PIT ATL 10 3.0 4 2 2 3 5 0 0 11.12 15 74
Apr 26 PIT @ STL 4 0.0 3 2 2 0 0 2 1 12.71 4 17
Apr 29 PIT @ MIL 2 2.1 4 2 2 0 4 2 0 11.85 11 48
PIT 13.2 25 18 18 8 15 7 2 11.85 75
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Generated 5/14/2013.

…I mean he could

2012 29 KCR 7.76 12 12 53.1 65 47 46 8 44 1 36 5 1 4 270 54 2.044
2012 29 COL 9.53 3 3 11.1 17 13 12 3 9 1 9 0 0 2 57 51 2.294
2013 30 PIT 11.85 5 4 13.2 25 18 18 7 8 0 15 2 0 0 75 31 2.415
Provided by Baseball-Reference.com: View Original Table
Generated 5/14/2013.

…well, alright. Best of luck, Dirty. How bad could it actually get.


The Seven Best #SFGiants Moves for the 2012 Season

To celebrate the seventh World Series title by the Giants — five happening in New York and two now in The City by the Bay — I thought we’d look at the best seven moves before and within the 2012 baseball season. You’ll probably have your own list, the rankings being a little different than mine, perhaps. I’ll start backwards from the honorable mentions, then from number seven and move on to what I see as move number one.

Honorable Mention (in no particular order)

Skipping Madison Bumgarner’s NLCS start

Chris Stewart for George Kontos

Jose Mijares pickup

Finally giving Belt a chance

“Closer by committee”

Extending control of Matt Cain


#7 — The Spring Training Invites

Namely, that of Gregor Blanco and Joaquin Arias, two guys that were merely names on a roster for those of us looking at the invitees, and admittedly, not taking them very seriously. This team would not have been the same though without these guys in 2012. Gregor Blanco replacing Melky Cabrera, Joaquin Arias being a decent replacement for when Pablo was out and Crawford was struggling. Both of these guys also have highlights where they have been immortalized into Matt Cain’s perfect game: Gregor Blanco’s diving catch which not many other people make, and Joaquin Arias fielding the final out with that shuffle to his right and then gunning it over to Belt for the end of that wonderful game.

#6 — Jonathan Sanchez for Melky Cabrera

So Melky Cabrera wasn’t a part of the last third of the baseball season, but maybe more importantly Jonathan Sanchez was not a part of the Giants rotation this season. How long would the Giants have put up with Dirty in the rotation or in the bullpen before possibly dumping him for nothing? Jonathan Sanchez became the problem of the Royals, then the Rockies. It wouldn’t be fair to say Dirty’s horrible performances for both squads would have been exactly the same for the Giants, but some had a feeling the intangibles would start to catch up with him. He will always have his part in 2010 lore, but like our next subject was for his old team, it was time for Jonathan Sanchez to go.

#5 — Ramon Ramirez and Andres Torres for Angel Pagan and cash considerations

Angel Pagan had worn out his welcome in New York, and to give them two 2010 heroes for someone they wanted out seemed like a fair deal for both squads. Angel Pagan with his sometimes odd routes to the ball, had his contract year, and Andres Torres played like 2011 Andres with Ramon Ramirez being much less effective than during his time with his previous three clubs. Sometimes a change of scenery can do good for a player, and for Angel Pagan, I think it’s fair to say it worked out here.

#4 — Setting of the 25-man roster at the beginning, and the end of the regular season

People worried at both the beginning and end of the season that the rosters would not utilize all the talent an MLB roster had to offer, and the Giants much to the relief of bloggers, felt the same way we did in who was the best 25. There was a feeling that the best 25 were on the roster when all was said and done at both the beginning and end of the season, with the only question mark being Melky Cabrera. If we had it my way (boy that sounds snobby), Melky would’ve been on the bench at the very least, but I’m not going to go on a criticizing spree since everything worked out.

#3 — Signing Ryan Vogelsong to an affordable 2-year contract with a 3rd year option

Two years and eight million, with a $6.5MM option for a third year to the deal or a $300K buyout for Vogey. Taking a gamble on the Rally Enchiladas has been good since 2011, and if he keeps this up, he will be an even bigger steal of a pitcher. Here are some names that had worse ERA and FIP than Ryan Vogelsong in 2012: Tim Hudson, C.J. Wilson, Yovani Gallardo, and Edwin Jackson to name a few. All four are names you’d rather not go up against, and all four are getting Paid. I guarantee Ryan Vogelsong would cost more than $5MM for 2013 if the Giants had only gone one year on him going into 2012.

#2 — Putting Tim Lincecum in the bullpen

This could be a potentially ground-breaking move for the Giants, since Timmy could not really find his stuff in 2012 but in the Postseason all of a sudden the Cy came back. The Giants unfortunately really don’t have a candidate in-house to take Timmy’s spot in the rotation right away and $22.25MM is a lot to pay for a super-reliever, but if that’s what it takes to get him back, I believe he can still have incredible value easily leading the league in games appeared.

#1 — Charlie Culberson for Marco Scutaro

Sure Jonathan Mayo loves Culberson, but most people don’t love him enough to say he will definitely be the everyday infielder for the Giants, and thus, Sabean and co. made what ended up being the trade of 2012. Dodger fans mocked the deal, thinking that Sabean reacted to the Dodgers making a blockbuster trade of their own. You don’t just do trades to do them, the Giants clearly had a hole at 2B, and Scutaro was one of those “lightning in a bottle” candidates for the Giants. For now, the crow on the plates of Dodger fans in their mouths is hot and fresh, and “Blockbuster” helped carry the Giants to their second title in three years.

Sorry I couldn’t put this in slideshow format if that’s your thing. Feel free to put your top 7 in the comments or tell me on the twitter or FB or whatever!

Series Preview: #SFGiants (56-49) vs. #Rockies (38-65)

A HR in 4 straight games will get you some attention as Josh Rutledge welcome the Giants into Coors Field

The Giants have not been winning lately, as evidenced by their losing 7 of the last 8 against completely beatable teams like the Padres, Dodgers, and Mets. They now get to face the laughing stock of the west known as the Colorado Rockies, who have not won a series since they took 2 of 3 from the Nationals before the All Star Break. It’s been a tough month for them, but Rockies fans will have no sympathy for the struggles of the Giants, because have you heard: the Rockies are a mess, all the way up to their front office. A sweepable series on paper for the G’s, but most fans are so in the doldrums of depression over the Giants that they are wondering how the boys from SF will screw this one up, or who won’t come through in the clutch.

Friday, August 3rd: RHP Ryan Vogelsong vs. LHP Jonathan Sanchez

One sentence summary: As you’ll notice, these are just Dirty’s numbers with the Rockies, not that his Royals numbers were very stellar to begin with, which led to the swap between those teams for him and Jeremy Guthrie.

Saturday, August 4th: LHP Madison Bumgarner vs. LHP Jeff Francis

One sentence summary: This could be the day Jeff Francis trolls us all by throwing a CG SHO just because Madison Bumgarner is pitching.

Sunday, August 5th: RHP Tim Lincecum vs. LHP Christian Friedrich 

One sentence summary: Two pitchers that have the ability to strike out guys but also have the tendency to walk people is almost like watching two Jonathan Sanchez’s facing each other.

Offensive Offenses

Gotta make this quick: Josh Rutledge, Tyler Colvin, Ramon Hernandez, and Jordan Pacheco have been relatively hot lately. Troy Tulowitzki is still injured with his strained groin so you don’t gotta worry about him. Carlos Gonzalez is still good. The Rockies have 2 guys with double digit SB, but 5 with double digit HR.

Buster Posey is being awesome right now, and Marco Scutaro plus Brandon Belt have been trying to contribute, but Theriot, Pagan, and Blanco have been balancing them out. The key for the series: coming through with RISP, because they can get them there, but you can’t rely on your pitching staff to hold every team to less than 2 runs every game.

Series Prediction

Friday: Giants

Saturday: Giants

Sunday: Rockies

Probably going to be a break from doing these as I’m getting married tomorrow and have married couple things to do the following week. Enjoy and go Giants!

Pitching is Our Priority

Big Time Timmy Jim

How much will Timmy make in 2012?

2011 is over for the San Francisco Giants. If you were like me, you celebrated midnight and changed the calendar to 2012 because the off-season has officially begun for the 2010 Champs. It’s no secret that what got the Gigantes to the ticker-tape parade was a wall of pitching dominance and timely hitting by gentlemen who would not shine the same way in 2011. The first order of business going into this off-season as Sabes said, is the pitching. With that said, let’s take a look at who’s on the list for 2012, arbitration eligible for a pay raise and who may be donning a different uni by the time Spring Training breaks:

Set Salaries in 2012

  • Barry Zito ($19MM in 2012)
  • Matt Cain ($15.333)
  • Brian Wilson ($8.5)
  • Madison Bumgarner ($450K in 2011, controlled through 2016)
Arbitration Eligible and Options
  • Tim Lincecum ($14MM in 2011, 2 years of arbitration left)
  • Jonathan Sanchez ($4.8 in 2011, 2 years left)
  • Ramon Ramirez ($1.65 in 2011, 2 years)
  • Santiago Casilla ($1.3 in 2011, 2 years)
  • Sergio Romo ($450K in 2011, 3 years)
  • Ryan Vogelsong (Under Team Control)
  • Jeremy Affeldt ($5MM option that could be declined)
Free Agents
  • Javier Lopez ($2,375MM in 2011, Free Agent)
  • Guillermo Mota ($925K in 2011, Free Agent)
Other dudes like Surkamp, Runzler, Edlefsen and Joaquin are under team control for a while (don’t ask me to define that).
The set salaries are already about $43MM. That’s almost $3MM short of the San Diego Padres’ 2011 payroll. I know what you’re thinking: “Those guys could probably still beat the Padres by themselves.” It’s actually $5MM more than the Royals 2011 payroll. Now you’re probably thinking, “Gosh, I could run an MLB team!”
Let’s dream and imagine everyone is brought back from the Arbitration list and do a little guessing for their 2012 salaries: Timmy ($19MM),  Dirty ($6MM), Ramon ($2MM), Casilla ($3MM), Romo ($3.5MM), Vogey ($5MM), Affeldt ($4MM). That right there is an additional $42.5MM. We’re up to $85.5MM, and that number could be conservative, too.
If Lopez and Mota are brought back, I imagine they’ll combine for $5MM (Lopez 4 Mota 1), which would put the pitching staff at $90MM.
We haven’t even talked about the run-starved offense yet. This could get real interesting.
Kung Fu Panda

Hey Boss, Get Us Some Help Please???