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MLB 13 The Show Cover Vote: Canada Version

Just as the U.S. had their vote for MLB 13 The Show Cover Vote and elected Pittsburgh Pirate Andrew McCutchen, so too do the people of Canada to vote for their favorite cover, and just as you’d expect, the choices might be a little Canada/Blue Jays-centered:

So your choices are Jose Bautista in white, grey, or red! That’s it. I’m not saying this isn’t fair, and certainly not saying Joey Bats isn’t worthy of being on the cover of a video game, because he definitely is. However, after a week-long vote for the American side of The Show, shouldn’t Canadian baseball fans be given the same opportunity to choose between a number of players? You could go with the Canadian-native route with guys like Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, or Brett Lawrie, or perhaps you could go with the Toronto Blue Jays version with guys like R.A. Dickey, Edwin Encarnacion, or Brett Lawrie.

Sidenote: That statement makes it seem like I’m a big Lawrie supporter, but I’m indifferent towards the guy in all honesty, because my only image of him is really an ejection, so yea.

But whatever, it’s your game, MLB The Show. I’m sure you’ll do better next year in letting the fans decide, because I thought it was kind of cool with how they did it with the other voting system. Rooting for either the home or the red uni for the cover. Don’t let me down, Canada.