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Baby’s First Parade

I tear up easily, so the title refers to me being the “Baby,” but I guess that might make a lot of us big babies when it came to the Giants, right? Anyway, it was probably unnecessary that I did, but I woke up around 4:10 this morning and made it to the 5:06 train out of Fremont to get to the Civic Center area. After getting there, my Dad and I walked along what we thought was the route, and then found theĀ barricades, telling us we had found the real route. We found a spot, made a friend to talk to, and once things got going, had a really good time cheering for the people that brought us so much happiness and giving thanks to the people that support them as well, and really gets quite overlooked, in my opinion.

After the hours of waiting, we were given a show, as we were tossed candy, bags of chips, t-shirts, some towels were thrown out, and then the front office and players showed up. It really was fantastic to see all the people up so close in such a happy setting. (By the way, showing up at 6:00am on the streets basically guarantees you a front row spot just about anywhere on the route.)

Some of the pre-game entertainment in this video (around 30 seconds) and then some parade pictures:

6:00AM spot that shows you where the parade came from

The horses, which were actually really beautiful, had the SF logos on the back of them

The Legend


I told Affeldt “Thank You.” He acknowledged.

Madison “The Fixed” Bumgarner

For some reason this car was very handsome

Buster Posey in a very sharp looking car. He wasn’t hounded as much as Marco Scutaro because he’s just not postseason MVP material.

I have 192 pictures, but I’m not posting all of those here. If you have requests, let me know and I’ll send the picture your way! This really was a fun outing, and I hope we do this again soon.

P.S.: Credit to the SFPD who kept things in pretty good order where I was. People were pretty well behaved in my area.