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Postseason Recap: The Most Important Things the Giants Weren’t Involved In

A lot had to take place to create everything you saw come into play from Game 1 of the NLDS to Game 4 of the World Series. I’m going to do my best to recap the important things that could have very well affected the Giants being in, and the Giants matchups in, the World Series.

Wednesday, October 3rd: The A’s complete their comeback over the Texas Rangers to win the American League West. This sets up the Rangers for a date with the Orioles at home, and the A’s going to Detroit for the beginning of the ALDS.

Remember this mess? The staff had to clean up the trash fans were throwing on to the field in a very unforgettable moment in the first official play-in game.

Friday, October 5th: In Atlanta, the Cards and Braves were playing until the Braves were up and it was all INFIELD FLY MOTHER EFFERS and the momentum of a rally seem stifled, and in the end the Braves lost. What if the Braves won? The NLDS and NLCS are automatically different. And in the AL, If the A’s don’t come back, they’re playing the Orioles. That could’ve changed things. Instead, the Rangers complete their fallout and Joe Saunders beats them and they play the Yankees as a reward.

Thursday, October 11th: The A’s forced the Tigers to use Verlander a second time, maybe more importantly the Orioles force the Yankees to use Sabathia a second time, and Lance Lynn loses a battle to Jayson Werth to send the series to a fifth game where Adam Wainwright gets lit up and has to wait until Game 4 of the NLCS to be used.

This image would spawn some pretty funny photoshops

Friday, October 12th: The Yankees outlast the Orioles for the right to play the Tigers, and the Cardinals complete an unbelievable comeback against the Nationals. That Giants-Nationals NLCS? Maybe another time. Obligatory “WHAT IF STRASBURG” sentence.

Saturday, October 13th: A day after winning their ALDS series, the Yankees play the Tigers, and lose their Captain in extras, after pummeling Valverde with internet sensation in Philadelphia FHOFRI (“Future Hall of Famer Raul Ibanez”). From there…

Jeter’s injury was but the beginning of the end for the Yankees

Thursday, October 18th: Max Scherzer and his Tigers finish the dismantling of the Yankees, beginning a period of wait that may or may not have had some effect on the role players that would end up going against the Giants.

So in the end, yes, this post was about how everything had to be the way it was for us to have seen what we saw tonight. Might they have won if the Nationals held on? Or if the Rangers had been the AL West Champs? Or if the Braves had actually rallied without that whole infield fly fiasco? Who knows. What we do know is that everything, every stressful pitch, every disputed call, and every over-analyzed decision turned out for the best for the eventual Champs.

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