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The Internet Confirms: Angel Pagan Gets 4/40

The San Francisco Giants and Angel Pagan have agreed on what I believe to be a below-market money/above-market years contract in a four-year, forty-million dollar deal with the assumption that he will be their everyday center fielder. The payouts for Pagan will go like this:

  • 2013: $7 million
  • 2014: $9MM
  • 2015: $9MM
  • 2016: $10MM
  • $5MM signing bonus

If Angel Pagan can hang around that above-.320 wOBA, .300 BABIP, 20+ SB, being above a 2.0 fWAR player, this contract should look pretty good for the Giants even with TV money boosting payrolls (for the most part) all around the league.

As some, and notable beat writer Andrew Baggarly have also mentioned, Pagan’s contract may also suggest prospect Gary Brown may not be the super-leadoff-hitter in CF that we thought he could end up being. Additionally, with a Hunter Pence long-term deal not on the horizon, this gives Gary Brown time to develop in 2013 and maybe there’s a possibility he finds some magic to get his stock back up in time for either the latter part of ’13, or the 2014 season. Don’t rely on that last part, though.

Notable CF left on the market for teams to fight over are former Atlanta Braves Michael Bourn and San Francisco fan favorite Shane Victorino, who was said to be looking for 3/$30MM.

Payroll Update: When I divide up the signing bonus across four years, and not including any arbitration figures, I have the Giants at $95,033,033 dedicated to 2013 right now. The Giants are said to be setting course now for Marco Scutaro.


Winter Meetings: Day One

The Winter Meetings are holding up to the excitement as ESPN has started a consecutive days-long chat, MLB Network is upping coverage, and contracts are being signed. The news today:

  • Mike Napoli has signed a 3 year-$39MM deal with the Red Sox. Probably the biggest FA catcher on the block is now off, and ESPN’s Jayson Stark suggests this takes them out of the Adam LaRoche sweepstakes. 
  • Alex Rodriguez is scheduled to undergo left hip surgery and will need 4-6 months to recover.
  • The Meetings have let the Justin Upton rumors start to circle again, making us wonder if a trade for the young Diamondback will actually happen. The team has said to be aggressive on the trade front.
  • The San Diego Padres have signed Jason Marquis to a one year-$3MM deal.
  • Per Dylan Hernandez, Shohei Otani wants to decide this week whether to stay in Japan, or come to the Dodgers
  • The Detroit Tigers offered Anibal Sanchez 4 years-$48MM but apparently that wasn’t seen favorably by Sanchez’s camp, who is rumored to be seeking a 6/$90MM deal.
  • The Toronto Blue Jays have claimed Eli Whiteside, per Ken Rosenthal. Ken notes that Eli is now their fourth catcher because you can never have too many game callers.
  • Angel Pagan and the San Francisco Giants have an agreement for 4 years and $40MM, a trade-off between below-market money and more years made between the clubs.
  • Joakim Soria and the Texas Rangers appear to have a deal in place for two years. I really like Soria and hope he can be of some use to the Rangers, but only enough that he doesn’t help the Rangers beat the Giants in a World Series matchup.
  • Scott Hairston was reportedly offered a two-year deal to the Tigers, first I saw was from Jon Morosi. However, Adam Rubin from ESPN NY says he’s been told the Giant killer will not sign on with Detroit. Jon Morosi has since said he was mistaken in his report about Hairston, but Rubin does say there are five teams pursuing Hairston.
  • In other New York news, the Metropolitans asked the Red Sox for top prospects Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley Jr. for in exchange for R.A. Dickey, but the team that calls Fenway home is not likely to give away either prospect.
  • There is an offer on the table for Ryan Ludwick from the Cincinnati Reds.
  • Out of South Beach, there are whispers that Yunel Escobar is being shopped to Tampa and Oakland, and Ricky Nolasco has had enough of Miami and wants out.

This will be updated throughout the day, but who knows if I’ll be able to keep up. There’s a lot going on, and it’s very exciting.

Winter Meetings Pre-Sunrise Recap

It’s technically the Winter Meetings in Nashville, and I have no idea how often I’ll be doing these day-long recaps (probably not often), but I want to write right now, so write I will. Here’s what’s going around the mill tonight:

  • Geovany Soto has signed a one-year deal with the Texas Rangers. Right now he would be their starting catcher.
  • James Loney is close to a deal with the Tampa Bay Rays. You may remember he was a part of the massive deal that sent him from the Dodgers to the Red Sox. He should be the Rays starting 1B unless a deal that gets done with someone like the Nationals in a James Shields for Michael Morse and Danny Espinosa exchange, as Jim Bowden suggests.

If more stuff happens tonight before I go to bed then I’ll update it. Otherwise… we wait until they go back at it tomorrow at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort which seems like a huge place from all the photos and maps I’m seeing on Twitter and MLB Network.